Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Side Gigs

This month's extra $$$ from side jobs.

Tutoring $330
Online Surveys $9
eBay sales $2.10
Lawn mowing $360

Total for the month $701.10

$201.10 added to the emergency fund.
$500 added to retirement accounts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Savings and Net Worth

Normal monthly savings:
401k (includes match) $867
Roth IRA (Hers) $300
Roth IRA (His) $300
HSA account $500
Taxable Mutual Fund $210
Emergency Fund $300

Extra monthly savings:
Extra EF from side-gigs $292
Extra EF from money squeezed out of budget $140.25
Extra saved from Tax Refund (went in various accounts) $5,000

Total saved for the month $7,909.25
An unusually high amount due to tax refund hitting our accounts in March.
Due to a lousy stock-market in March, the net worth didn't go up by much.

Net Worth as of 3/31/14 $569,215
Increase year-to-date $20,544