Saturday, February 28, 2009

Give Em Hell Maggie

Can you hear that O? I think we are zeroing in on the breaking point. How much longer are people going to lend money to a bankrupt government? Everybody and their mother wants a handout. Plus the leeches are coming back for seconds and thirds now. Y'all have created monsters

Calling Dr. Van Helsing, Calling Dr. Van Helsing. You are needed in the drive a stake through the heart of Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae is drawing blood from its $200 billion blood bank at the U.S. Treasury. It asked for over $15 billion this week.

"We expect the market conditions that contributed to our net loss for each quarter of 2008 to continue and possibly worsen in 2009, which is likely to cause further reductions in our net worth," Fannie said.

You might want to bring along Captain Ahab, St George and Beowulf...better bring some silver bullets and holy water too. These creatures have more lives than David Hasselhof's career

Kids are Smarter Than Politicians

But y'all already knew that. Feel free to forward this to the O’bomination at

Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Possible to Idiot-Proof the Whole World?

The Happy Egg Company (Lincoln, England) altered the packaging in January for its six-egg cartons to include the prominent warning, "Allergy Advice: Contains Egg." [Daily Mail (London), 1-24-09]

American Idol Night - '09

Results Night from Round 2 of These Are the Best 36 Singers in America?

So before the Filler Show of all Filler Show’s start. Lets guess who is making it through. Top Male Vote Getter with be Adam “I Should be in Cats” Lambert even though I want Normund to get it. Top Female Vote Getter will be Megan “I Could Only Afford Tattoos on One Arm” Corkrey even though I want Normund to get it – he actually might have a better chance at getting that than top male. And to round out the night our Third Wheel will be Allison “I Have Awkward Social Skills” Iraheta even though Normund would be a better wheel. But moe than one dude might get through since it’s mainly chicks who vote. In that case Allison or Megan could be out and maybe someone like Kris Allen could get in.

This is going to be painful people. But if we all stick together and have perseverance (that and some vodka, ludes and firearms) we can make it the whole hour.

And Here’s Ryan giving us, the voters, some schmaltzy speech

The three “winners” from last week are here sitting on the Star Trekish bar stools.

. First we get the judges opinions on last night’s performances. Paula, fresh from rehab just waves. Kara the boring heat nodes her head. Randy says, sorry I didn’t hear what Randy said. I was too busy trying to figure out what face work he had down between tonight and last night. Simon, the only judge who matters, scowls and tell Ryan to get on with it.

Filler #1 – the how did they get here montage

Filler #B – the worst moment of every results show. The truly painful “Group Sing”. Here is where the firearms come in – kidding – sorta. Their outfits are very colorful. Kina the Brady Punch meets High School Musical. The Welder Dude looks out sorts. In case anyone cares they sang, it’s Ne-Yo's “Closer”.

I’ve never been so happy to see commercials in my whole life.

Ok we are back. Time to wax a few people. Ok a take that back.

Filler #3 – “Highlights” from last night. Ok it wasn’t all bad. Gotta to see Normund call Simon sappy pants.

Filler #D – Ryan interviews the contestants.

And finally we get Allison, Jesse and Matt brought down to see who gets the Steel Bird Bath of Honor……..and it’s, duh Allison. No real suspense there. So Allison gets to sing that Heart number again. I really like her voice. It’s different, good different. That dye job on the hair is distracting. I think I need to wear my shades. Now did Seacrest say she was the highest Female vote getter or just that she stays? Dang I can’t remember. If she’s not the #1 chick tonight then that means we have another girl getting through. Curse you ADD.

Potty break time. Ok what did I miss? Oh it’s still commercials.

Ok here is Megan and Kris with a ‘K’. Megan was totally better last night but you never know with voters. Ok wait a minute Matt and Jeannie are brought down. Alas only for a moment, both are sent packing. So back to Megan and Kris. We must have a lot of time to fill cause Kara is rambling right along. Simon wants her to shut up and so do I…enough already. And it’s….KRIS! Ok I didn’t see that coming. Thought he might get in but not over Megan. I sure hope the judges bring Megan back. Curse you female teen voters. O’bomination can’t you correct this injustice for us? First Michael Sarver last week and now Kris gets through this week, can we get a law to ban teen girls from voting?

So I was figuring for a Adam was a shoe-in. Does that mean the suspense is over? Should I just tune back at 8:57 to see Adam get the last spot?

Filler #5 – and “Idol Retrospective” set to What a Wonderful World….folks sometimes its not wonderful.

Filler #F - last year’s top 10 contestant; Brooke The Virgin Nanny. Sans shoes again. Sitting at the piano singing her new single that was just released. It’s a song by Heart called “Hold Up”. It’s pleasant but unlike my 12 year old daughter I’m not rushing to iTunes to down load it. Heck for a buck you can get a double cheeseburger instead of a song.

And we are back from the break and the last 5 are brought out.

Mishavonna, Kai, Jasmine, Adam and Normund The Man! That crazy Ryan talks to only Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine and then boots them off. What a sneak. Like we didn’t see that coming. And of course he’s not going to tell us until after another set of ads.

Ok we are back. Now let’s get this over with and send Adam through already. Ryan tries unsuccessfully to draw it out. And Nick/Normund’s Idol day are over. Adam is in and does his slightly over the top version of “Satisfaction” again. But hey let’s face it, it’s not like Mick Jagger wasn’t over the top at times.

That’s it and not a moment too soon. Paula is in the bag or something. Her eyes are slits and she looks totally spaced. Come to think of it, she didn’t really talk much at all tonight. Plus very low-cut shirt is in danger of sliding all the way down and releasing the girls on live TV.

So we have Allison, Kris and Adam on to the Top 12. With my hopes that Megan could be a wildcard selection by the judges. Please Simon. I’ll detail your Rolls.

So I was 2 for 3 tonight. Better than last week. This is looking like a very white Idol, not that there is anything wrong with that.

That’s it for tonight. Adios, Goodnight and God Bless

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's Workouts

8.25 mile run in fantastic weather for February.

American Idol Night - '09

Round 2 of the final 36. 12 more contestants tonight.

As usual, I apologize in advance for all errors, typos and grammatical mistakes. I apologize in particular to my 8th grade English teacher Miss Snodgrass. She had a face like J. Edgar Hoover but could conjugate the hell out of a verb.

In honor of Ash Wednesday I’ll try and be nicer tonight .

And we are off – but first a word from the judges. Randy and his colored beads says something, Kara and her curly hair say something, Paula and her cleavage say something and Simon scowls at everyone….good times.

Jasmine Murray the 16 year old is up first. She’s singing Sarah Bareilles’ “Love Song”. She looks pretty but her voice sounds ‘light’ if that makes any sense. It’s a pretty voice just thin and not mature yet. Randy says it was ‘pitchy’. I thought he had retired that dog-worn phase. Kara isn’t sure either and Paula says she’d like Baklava and is waiting for the mothership from the planet Vulcan to pick her up. Simon is disappointed because he likes her but says she doesn’t have a great voice. But has a great future. Jasmine is gracious about it.

And since this is a 2-hour show we have to have a break now. Time to check the Maryland Duke score. Opps game isn’t on until 9.

Matt “The Dueling Piano Player” Giraud is behind door #2. He’s gonna try and do a soulful version of Viva Vida by Coldplay, Another guy who doesn’t seem to have enough of a voice. Um…where is his piano? Not hate-able just not Wow! I give him props for changing it up some and not trying to imitate Coldplay. Kara makes sense, Paula speaks in tongues, Simon ‘The only Judge that Matters’ says it verged on the horrible, Randy agrees with Simon…thanks for the input.

So two people down and we haven’t been subjected to the Burgundy Crushed Velvet Hooker Couch with the Parents. Thank you FOX!!!!! Enough of us must have pissed and moaned that they stuck the parents back in the audience

Ok each person sings for 1:30 or so. Times 12 people = 18 minutes. So 18 minutes of actual singing and the rest is filler and commercials. So couldn’t this be an hour show? Yeah I know it’s the #1 show each week and they’d make it 3 hours if they could. I can’t blame them for wanting to make a buck or three.

Jeanine Vailes from our nation’s capitol is up next and I remember nada about her. She’s singing Maroon 5’s “This Love” Now the way she is dressed, she should go to the hooker coach. That jean skirt would be too short on my 5 year-old. She was AWFUL and won’t be back. Simon and Randy hate the song but love her legs, duh they are nice gams. Kara says so much about her is pretty but doesn’t like the song either. Paula and her school-girl bangs may or may not have said something.

Game still isn’t on. Gotta find something else to watch during the commercials. Ok UConn and Marquette is on. That’s better.

Nick/Normund Gentle - He’s doing The Normund tonight. With Tatiana gone I just might have to vote for him. I have no idea what he is wearing; white coat, shinny shirt, shorts, brown dress socks and running shoes. He looks like a gay Don Johnson. Ok he lost the white jacket and now he’s got the shimmer-shirt on that looks like a fish lure. He’s singing to the chicks and they love it. Simon prays he doesn’t make it through to the next round. Reverse psychology by Simon to really keep him? Randy calls it the most entertaining performance ever. We really need to keep him around. Everyone else is boring so far. Kara says, oh it doesn’t matter. Paula is looking more and more droopy eyed and loopy. Like a middle-aged drunken Barbie who has had too much face work done. Well that Lenten resolution to be nicer to Paula didn’t make it very far. Man they are talking to him a lot. I really think they want him through. Ok that’s just me hoping they want him.

Basketball time

Another 16 year old. This one looks like a fake red haired Morticia from Addams Family, complete with the black nail polish. Her name is Allison Iraheta. And she’s singing “Alone” by Heart. Not sure I like a 16 year-old looking and singing like that but other than Nick/Norman, who is in his own category, she’s the best so far….not saying much at this point. Randy says she ‘blew it out the box’…3 times he says it. Kara says she has serious chops. Paula breaks out the old “you could sing the telephone book”. We heard this 100’s of times last year. Paula may actually be sitting on a phone book, she looks higher tonight. So to speak. Simon calls her the best by a mile.

Ok we are getting two in a row before a break. Is FOX having trouble selling Ad’s during the depression?

Kris Allen is another one I remember nothing about. He is singing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. Didn’t he go to Idol 101 class and learn that you don’t sing Michael, Mariah or Whitney? It’s alright not great. Kinda boring and forgettable. Why do people sing MJ? Kara is not impressed, Paula disagrees completely and says he nailed it, Simon agrees with………Paula! And he gets a kiss from her for it. Interesting. Does Simon mean it or did he just want a smooch from Paula…no couldn’t be that. Randy liked it too. So Kara and I are the only two who didn’t like it.

Break time.

Megan Corkrey is the one tattooed arm chick. Not one arm like the bad guy in The Fugitive, one arm has tattoos and the other doesn’t. She’s singing Corrine Bailey Ray’s “Put Your Record On”. She’s got a pretty face and fabulous hair but that one tatted arm is distracting. But I like her voice. The little hip wiggle dancing thing needs to go. She looks dorky. Paula – do I really need to write what she says anymore? What Is In Her Big Plastic Cup? Are those real? Simon likes it ok but says it could have been better, Randy has a huge watch on, Kara calls her a ‘package artist’ and says she could be a radio/video star.

Ok Maryland vs Puke is on now. Die Dukies! My sis and BIL are at the game. She’s a MD grad and he’s a Blew-Chunks Devil grad.

Matt Breitzke aka The Welder is up next. I’ll probably vote for him just because he looks like he could beat me up. He plays the ‘I’m doing it for my kids’ card. Right. He’s singing Tonic’s ‘If you could only see’. He’s ok but the problem is I’m thinking and digging the arrangement better than the vocals. Plus he’s lacking that star look. Has more of that cage death match look. Simon likes him but is frustrated that he didn’t sound better. RanKarula follows along with The Simon.

Dos in a row again

Jessie Langesh is doing ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes. She’s wearing a sweater that someone stole a sleeve off of and jeans. I hate hate hate hate this song. And Jessie annoys when talking but I’m actually liking her singing tonight. Maybe that flu I had a few weeks back has returned. RanKarula - Randy likes it but wasn’t blown out of the box. I don’t know what that means. Kara says what Kara says. Paula, Paula needs to be canned. How does she keep her job. She obviously has pictures of Simon and The Donk wearing Tutu’s together. Simon calls her forgettable and too cool for school.

MD is up 16 – 11.

Kai Kalama is wearing an old lady knit hat for his interview. Kai is singing "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" by Jimmy Ruffin. He looks like he could be a singer or actor. He has an interesting voice but I find myself bored. I start to clean the lint out of my bellybutton and wonder if I left my curling iron on. It picks up during the end. RanKarula – Kara goes with ‘pitch issues’, Paula babbles, Randy pulls ‘safe performance’ from the AI cliché manual….Simon calls it corny and says it should at a hotel or wedding and says he is a backup singer.

MD up 22 – 19.

Mishavonna Henson is up, I hope she leaves cause typing her name is a pain in the rear. She’s singing ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train. Train is right as in train-wreck. I used to like this song. Since its Ash Wednesday - she has nice hair and the she gets a bit better at the end. RaKarula - Paula imitates my 3 year-old with the delayed speech problem, Randy, I forget what he and Kara said. Simon likes her voice but not her performance. Paula has her head down and is either sneezing or doing lines of coke or dropped an earring in her cleavage, in which case we will be here all night.

Mayland tied at 34 at the half.

Adam “May Kay” Lambert is going to do “Satisfaction” by The Stones. I like Adam and I’m sure he will make it to the top 12 on his looks alone – teen girls are going to vote for him, but I don’t like his version of the song. But I do like is voice/act and think he will be around for a long time. Paula is about ready to jump his, young enough to be her son, bones. I’m surprised she didn’t strip her clothes off and throw them at him. Simon is torn, part bad part good – I agree. Randy says he is a combo of Edward (Twilight), Steven Tyler and Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy for you geezers out there).

I’m going with Nick/Normund, Adam and Megan getting through. With Jasmine and Allison as possibility.

I’ve totally killed my cell phone battery voting for Nick/Norman. But I got in about 100 votes before the phone died. Of course I did the same thing last week with two cell phones for Tatiana the Terrible and it didn’t work.

Ugh! Maryland lost. Now I'm depressed. I'm going to go watch videos of Norman on YouTube and cheer myself up.

That’s it for tonight. Adios, Goodnight and God Bless

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never Too Old to go to Keggers

73-Year-Old Basketball Player Ruled Ineligible Over Credits
The Hartford Courant
February 22, 2009
Fifty-three years after getting the collegiate boot as the fall guy on a prank gone bad, 73-year-old college basketball player Ken Mink is again on the wrong side of a controversy.

Mink says he has been ruled ineligible to play by the National Junior College Athletic Association, and Roane State, the junior college team he plays for in Harriman, Tenn., will have to forfeit his last game.

At issue is the minimum amount of credits an athlete must pass in a semester to keep his eligibility. Mink carried the minimum 12 hours in the fall semester and was doing well in all but Spanish.

Mink and coach Randy Nesbit decided to enroll Mink in another class just in case he failed Spanish. Roane State had no courses left with openings at the time, but Mink was able to enroll in a sociology class through Strayer University.

"I got a B in the course and did well in all the others except Spanish," he said.

The situation was compounded because when his grade was reported, the Strayer class was listed as being completed Jan. 22 instead of Dec. 22.

No hablo espanol. Donde está mi cerveza?

So instead of studying Spanish, what was Mr Mink doing? Partying with the college coeds? Playing Frisbee football? Jamming in a college band? Waiting in line for the Early Bird special at Cracker Barrel? Or maybe he was just napping each afternoon.

Not being the best of college students, I laugh at Mr Mink with empathy. I mean who hasn't had trouble with a college class? It took me 3 times to pass Calculus. But why at the age of 73 was he taking Spanish anyways? Planning on moving to Bolivia? Wants to work part time at Taco Bell? Has the hots for Shakira and wants to impress her with his language Skillz that Killz?

There are plenty of easy courses at every college. Why not take Survey of Art or History of Motion Pictures? Here are a few actual classes I took in college: Skiing, Techniques of Football, Tennis and my favorite - Puppets and Puppetry. It was cool. I made a puppet of the 3 Little Pigs, a Mouse (not sure why) and one of Robert Smith of The Cure. That was the best puppet ever. I'd post a picture of it but someone I'm related to by marriage threw it away cause it frightened her.
I'm pretty sure I saw an old-guy in the background of the infamous Michael Phelps photo. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Today's Workouts

3.5 mile run this morning to test out the sore quad. Not much of a test but it felt fine. Will run longer tomorrow and report back. I know y'all can't wait.......

Afternoon update - weather was nice and I needed to get out of the office after 1.5 days of meetings. Went for a second run around lunch time, another 3.5 miles. Thigh is still attached to the rest of far so good...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today's Workouts

An easy 3.5 mile run to work the kinks out of a sore thigh - um for the record the kinky thigh was mine ;)

Guess He Wasn't Wearing Magic Underwear

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake Tribune

It took a wedgie and a headlock to pin down a man suspected of breaking into a car.
Yvonne Morris, a technician at the Brickyard Animal Hospital, says she chased a man who broke into a co-worker's car, but he kept squirming away from her.
Morris eventually grabbed the man's boxer shorts and pulled. Salt Lake City police say she then she put a headlock on the man until help could arrive.
The man was booked into the Salt Lake County jail on suspicion of vehicle burglary, possession of stolen property and outstanding warrants.

Boxer Short Wedgie?! Ouch!!! Boxer-Briefs wouldn't be too bad and Briefs a little bit worse, but Boxer Shorts? Bet that guy quits wearing those from now on.

What's worse, having a women give you a wedgie or a woman putting you in a headlock until the heat arrives? Got a feeling he's going to have a rough time in jail after getting 'chicked'

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's Workouts

1,700 yard swim. No run as of yet. I may do a short run tonight or I may rest my sore quad since I have a marathon to race in 16 days


  • A total of 3.6 million people have lost their jobs since Dec. ’07...half of them in the last three months.

  • China’s exports plunged 17.5% in January.

  • The state of California to layoff 20,000 workers - The Terminator Lives

  • The One signs a $787 BILLION 'Stimulus' bill that is over 1,000 pages long

  • Starbucks introduced an Instant Coffee that sells for less than a buck

question: if the state of California can layoff 20,000 workers and still function (as well as governments ever function that is) why were they hired in the first place?

question #2 - How many senators and congressmen actually read that thing? How many senators and congressmen can actually read?

question #3 - Is Starbucks, the poster child for yuppie snobby coffee, making an instant coffee a sign of the apocalypse?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are a Nation of Over Sensitive Wienies

Is this cartoon racist? That's what the usual PC race-card players would have you believe. The cartoon is from the NY Post. Keep in mind that a crazy chimpanzee on the loose in Connecticut was shot dead by police the day before this cartoon came out.

Al Sharpton and his goons are howling about it. Why? Apparently they think the dead monkey is The One and comparing a half black dude to a monkey is a sin. Never mind that The O didn't write the damned stimulus bill. Come on, like a bunch of people got together in the White House for a weekend cram session and wrote the 1000+ page bill. The awful thing came from congress. It's Pelosi's bill. Didn't any of these people ever watch the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon, How a Bill Becomes a Law? Oh I forgot they didn't have TV's growing up cause The Man was always putting them down.

Well here it is for your eduction "Revered" Sharpton

American Idol Night - '09

Results show night.

But first, I just checked with Vegas and the over/under on how many times Danny Boy’s dead wife or his tragedy or his heroic rising above his situation is set at 4 times. I've got 100 bucks on the over.

Is it just me or is this incessant marketing of this poor woman’s death and Danny Boy’s ‘Heroism’ for going on with life (like millions of other people) getting more disrespectful and creepy as we go on?

What’s next? Candles passed out to the audience for a candle-light vigil while Danny Boy sings ‘Amazing Grace’? Don’t be surprised if this happens, this show is on FOX who brought us the midget Bachelor-type show ‘The Littlest Groom’

So tonight the highest female vote getter and male vote getter get through, plus the next highest vote getter that is left. After 3 weeks of this we will have 9 contestants left (if my public school math is correct) and then the judges will add 3 of their choosing.

Like I said in yesterdays post my predictions for tonight are:

Anoop Desai, Triple T and Danny Gokey get through. With Alexis Grace and Ricky Braddy also in the running.

So let’s see if I’m a genius or not.

Seacrest is looking hipper tonight. The Ward Cleaver look is gone. He tells us that 24 million votes were cast last night. 200 wee me on two cell phones voting for Tatiana the Terrible.

First a How Did They Get Here montage………yawn.

The group song tonight is Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours”. It’s a campy Disney-ish version. I used to like this song. Casey Carlson is sporting a lot of cleavage tonight in a desperate attempt to stay on the show. I guess no one told her the voting ended last night at midnight.

After a long break (hey that got an hour to fill – never mind that this could all be done in a 5 minute broadcast) we see the short versions of last night’s performances.

The 12 are sitting on chairs and The Seacrest is asking them how they thought they did last night. All I heard was blah blah blah.

Ryan brings up Casey ‘Double C’s” Carlson and she is given one more chance to show off here assets before given the boot. Next up is Stephen “I Forget the Words and Pout About It” Fowler and no surprise he’s gone too. Now we get Alexis ‘Two-Tone” Grace…..and….she’s in!!!!!! Yeah for her. She gets to sing her song from last night again. She’s got some mish-mash outfit on that somehow works

Rickie and Jackie are brought up together. Guess they are jumping together off the bridge. First Rickie is given the heave-ho and then Jackie. No surprise.

Next we get Anoop and Michael. Anoop is a pretty tall dude. Ryan asks them if they are nervous. And MICHAEL is going through?! Really? Even Michael looks shocked. Anoop is going home? Ok color me shocked. As Mr. Incredible would say, “they just keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity” Michael “Tough Job” Sarver sings his song again. So I’m 0-2 so far. I stink. Anoop could still get through as a Judge’s wildcard.

This messes up Tatiana getting through. I don’t think she got more votes than Danny “Did you know my wife passed” Gorkey. But I never thought Michael would get more votes than Anoop so what do I know.

After a break we get Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. Our two foreigners from last years show. Actually my two favorites from last year. They are supposedly doing a duet tonight. They are singing “The Letter” by The Boxtops. They both look and sound pretty good. Although Sam thinks Michael needs to unbutton his jacket. And Carly has two large black caterpillars for eyebrows – but I’m being too picky. And that’s it for this segment.

Anne Marie, Stevie and Brent are brought forward. All 3 are dispatched quickly and painlessly.

Next up are Tatiana and Danny. Paula rambles in something resembling English but not quite. Paula-Bonics We get the cliffhanger treatment and are off for more commercials.

Ok we are back and the two left both look pretty nervous. Seacrest tries to drag it out but there isn’t much to really say. The Danny gets through and sings that incredibly sappy “Hero” song. I leave the room for a minute to throw-up my roast beef and baked potatoes. Ok I’m back. Tatiana I’m sorry my dear. I did my best. I only have so many phones and hands.

So we have Danny, Alexis and Michael in. I was 1 for 3. Sad.

I quick peek at the 12 for next week and we are done. Ciao.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's Workouts

5 mile trail run and 1,000 yard swim at lunch.

American Idol Night - '09

Before we start tonight let me say off the bat that I am voting for the following:

Tatiana the Terrible – why? Because I agree with vote for the worst .com. We need to keep her around for awhile just for the drama.

Adam “Max Factor” Lambert – why? Because he’s good. He needs to tone down the theatrics a bit and maybe the makeup but otherwise I like him.

Nick/Norman Norman/Nick – why? Why not? He amuses me. Most of the others don’t have much personality, yet.

Not sure any will be on tonight though.

We are ‘Live’ tonight

Seacrest welcomes us while wearing his best Father’s Knows Best sweater.

Here are our judges. They all look ok. Although Randy has some scarf thing going on and a huge watch. Kara and Paula look pretty good. Simon looks like he always does, dark shirt and scowl.

Trite words of advice from the judges and some comments on Ryan’s new hair style.

The theme tonight is Songs from the Billboard Hot 100

And here is our group of 12 for this week. 3 go on:

Jackie Tohn is doing an Elvis song, ‘A Little Less Conversation’. The dead Elvis. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE IS WEARING. She looks kinda like a 50’s waitress from Happy Days with a bit of white trash and Jane Fonda aerobic video thrown in. The outfit is not doing it for me. But I like her voice. Randy, Kara, and Paula are fans. Simon says she played the clown. I’m with Simon. Now we have to listen to her parents’ opinion. They obviously are fans

Rickie "I'm Too Boring for Nickname" Braddy is doing a Leon Russell song that I didn’t catch the name of. Putting aside the pointy-hair and red velour smoking jacket – he’s BORING. Has a good voice and seems nice enough but he put me to sleep. I barely woke up in time for the next set of commercials. Randy loved it. Kara says he Killed It. Paula gushes over him. Simon liked him but is more restrained. Says he doesn’t have star quality. Thank you Simon. And now we get to talk to his parents (are we going to have to meet everybody’s parents? Makes me wish the hippie-orphan had made it through). His parents are wearing “The Braddy Bunch” tshirts…ugh shoot me now

Commercials, time to switch over to Drake and Josh. Hey give me a break I have lots of tweens and teens here. Plus I like it.

Alexis ‘I got two bottles of hair color for the price one’ Grace who looks a bit like Deborah Harry from Blondie is doing Aretha Franklins ‘Never loved a Man ‘. She appears to be wearing a black short underwear dress. I do like her hair. Lots of people singing lots of old songs. This song doesn’t fit her looks but she sounds pretty darn good. Randy, Kara and Paula love her – this is getting repetitive with them. They should just replay the same clip of those 3 after each performance…it’s always the same. Simon says she is the best so far. And now to the parent’s couch. Alas she has two parents also.

Brent "Toby" Keith – tape problem with the flashback. Skippy, I mean Seacrest, tries to wing it, badly. The joys of live TV. Ok now the tape is working. Brent is singing "Hicktown" by Jason Aldean. Sardonic Dad Does Not Like Country. I like his voice and look but the county music is off putting. Randy, Kara and Paula like, not love him. Side note – Paula is sporting tons of her Star jewelry line. Ok off to the couch with Brent. His wife is there, no parents?

Stevie “I’m a chick not a dude’ Wright. Her tape works. Let’s see she is 17 and is going for the bubbly young look. She’s doing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story“. She looks like a 17 yo trying to do Taylor Swift. Better than most would but still an imitation. She’d me good on a High School Musical type of show. Of course it doesn’t really matter what I say. Randy and Kara do not like it. Shocked! They don’t like someone. And double shocker…Paula is not digging it either. Simon says they were too polite and calls her terrible and she’s done. Ouch! Mom and Dad can’t be happy. Hugs from the parents and a short chat. I got a feeling Joe Jonas just broke up with her by text message.

Anoop “Dawg” Desai (I need a new nickname for him. Anoop Dawg is too easy). He’s singing “Angel of Mine” by Monica. This is the first time I haven’t really loved his performance. Poor song choice. Good voice the song is just boring. Randy calls him Anoop Dawg, now I know I need to change my nickname for him. Kara and Randy didn’t like the song choice either. Paula says something. Simon doesn’t like the song choice one bit. But really likes Anoop. And here we are on the Ugly Red Coca-Cola Parent’s Couch (URCCPC). Hopefully Annop will make it through in spite of this song choice.

We are promised Casey “Double C” Carlson singing The Police after the break. Cool a good band. Don’t butcher it CC.

Casey “Double C” Carlson is singing “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic “by The Police. (the “Double C” is for her name not bra size people so leave me alone) She’s all dolled-up and does not look 20 years old. Hmm, she’s starting really slow and weak. This is like a karaoke night without the liquor to dull the senses. Randy calls it karaoke too. Kara calls it all wrong and over-done. Casey looks like she’s going to bawl. Paula tries to let her down easy by saying she’s beautiful before saying it was bad. Simon says she looks good but was atrocious. Man they killed her. I feel sorry for her. Mom and dad hug her by the URCCPC. It was nice knowing you Casey.

Michael “I have the most dangerous job in America other than Jack Bauer” Sarver is doing “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin DeGraw. I like him and his voice but I don’t think he has that Pop Star thing going. More like he should be singing in a Honkey Tonk over a few Buds. Randy and Kara think he can do better. Paula likes him but was distracted by him switching the microphone from hand to hand?! Paula would be distracted by a butterfly. Simon while not impressed hopes he moves on. On the URCCPC of Death are his wife and mom. Dad is either dead or not on speaking terms with son I guess.

Anne Marie “Comrade” Boskovich is singing “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. She looks older and trampier than she is. I liked her but Randy and Kara thought it was too big of a song for her to try. Paula like it. Paula and I agree on something. Simon calls here a hotel singer and says she doesn’t have the voice for that song. Anne Marie plops down on ugly couch next too…um mom and sister? and mom? I have no idea. I don’t think Anne Marie should make song term plans to stay in LA.

Stephen “I Forget the Words and Pout About It” Fowler is singing “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson. I have low hopes for him. Not that he will forget the words. But that he will be nowhere near as good as MJ is. And in my very very very humble opinion I’m right. Why do people try and do these hugely popular songs. Let’s see what the Fantastic Four have to say. Randy, Kara, Paula and Simon all agree with me. I Rule. Simon says he wishes he had forgotten the lyrics. Simon hated it. Bye bye Stephen. You are a nice guy but that song ain’t gonna cut it. Stephen doesn’t even get to go to the Ugly Couch…was he that bad? Oh his wife is at home. Probably watching Michael Jackson videos and moon-walking around the living room.

Tatiana the Terrible and I mean that in the best possible way. We have to keep her around. She is awesome blog material. She is signing Whitney Houston’s “Saving all my Love for You“. People close your eyes and forget the horrid laugh for a moment. She’s really a pretty good singer. Yeah I know she doesn’t look like a pop-star. Randy impressed and like it. Kara seems confused by who she is. Paula says something. Simon throws out the obvious drama-queen label and says, like Paula, she’s desperate to be famous. Simon says this quiet Tatiana makes him nervous. He wants the bad laughing Tatiania back. On the URCCPC are 2 dudes who Tatiania calls ‘cousins’. Wink Wink. No word on where her parents are. In hiding back in Puerto Rico maybe.

Danny “My Wife is Dead” Gokey is signing “Hero” by Mariah Carey. What is it with these people and their song choices? He sounds pretty good. I still hope he gets the boot but being pretty good and having the sob story will get him through. Randy, Kara and Paula all go bonkers over him. We see his pin-cushioned faced BFF in the audience. Simon brings everyone back to earth and says it was good but not great. No couch or parents for Danny Boy.

Yes I know commenting about the guy having a deceased wife is not nice. But as long as he's letting FOX pimp it all the time and as long as he keeps mentioning it all the time, so will I.

My predictions for tomorrow night’s result show.

Anoop Desai, Triple T and Danny Gokey get through. With Alexis Grace and Ricky Braddy also in the running.

See ya tomorrow

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Alex

Since my bride already did a nice birthday post here, I'll be lazy and just link to it

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

From The Weston Forum

Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
What with the $75/dozen roses and the inundation of diamond and Victoria’s Secret ads, it’s easy for a cynic to believe that Valentine’s Day was a creation of Madison Avenue, one of those “made up holidays” created by greeting card companies to generate business in an otherwise dull time of year.

Not true. While the Greeting Card Association of America does admit that Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas in the volume of cards sent (an estimated one billion valentines will be sent this year!), they refuse to take credit for the creation of the day itself.

That honor goes to the Catholic Church, which, as it did on several occasions, decided to combine some existing pagan rituals with some newer Christian ones. Throw in a saint, a few miscellaneous legends and traditions, and, voilà! Valentine’s Day!
Fertility rites

Pope Gelasius first declared Feb. 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day in 498 A.D. But long before then, Romans had been celebrating the official beginning of spring with all of its attendant fertility rites in mid-February.

The Lupercalia Festival in ancient Rome was dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. It is said that priests who were members of the order of Luperci gathered at the entrance of a cave believed to have been the place where the infant Romulus and Remus were cared for by a she-wolf. A goat was sacrificed for fertility and a dog for purification.

The hide of the goat was sliced and the hide was dipped in blood. Men then took to the streets, gently slapping women and fields of crops with the bloody goathide strips. This was believed to make both women and fields fertile.

Later in the day, the names of all the women in town were placed in an urn, and the bachelors would choose a name and be paired with that woman for the following year.


While today the romance involved in these gestures is a bit hard to discern, February nevertheless has been seen as a month for romance since ancient times. In France and England, it was widely believed that birds began their mating season in mid-February (some even say birds who mate for life choose their mate on Feb. 14).

Valentine himself is often believed to have been a romantic at heart, even though he was a priest. He lived in Rome under the rule of Emperor Claudius II, who outlawed marriage because he believed that single men made better soldiers. Valentine believed this decree to be unjust, and continued to wed young lovers until he was discovered, jailed, and eventually put to death for his crime.

One legend says that Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, and sent her a letter signed “from your Valentine,” just before he was put to death. And so was born the first “valentine.”

The oldest known valentine still in existence was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, in 1415, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London after being captured at the Battle of Agincourt.

Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated in Great Britain around the 17th Century. By the mid-18th Century, it was common for good friends and lovers to exchange small tokens and notes on Valentine’s Day. Ready-made cards first appeared at the end of the 1700s.

Americans also began exchanging valentines in the early 1700s. It was not until 1840 that Esther A. Howland became the first person to sell mass-produced valentines in this country.

Today, approximately 85% of all valentine cards are purchased by women. In addition to the United States, the holiday is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Some would argue that Valentine’s Day, despite being created to honor a legitimate saint, is still a scam perpetrated by the multi-billion-dollar card industry. Most would agree, however, that today’s practices are still better than getting slapped with a bloody strip of goathide.

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No Word if he Was Michael Phelps' Milkman Too

BURNLEY, England, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A 72-year-old English milkman who claimed he provided marijuana for customers who needed it to ease their pain has received a suspended sentence.

Holding was arrested after police found marijuana in an egg crate in his van. He admitted he was supplying 17 people who would leave him notes telling him how much they wanted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's Workouts

21.27 mile run this morning. I have a GPS watch that gives me the exact distance so don't be hating on my run.

Joanna "The Ringer" Pacitti is Bounced from Idol

'Idol' contestant Joanna Pacitti is disqualified

LOS ANGELES (AP) - An "American Idol" contestant who made the show's top 36 was disqualified. In its press released issued Wednesday night announcing the 36 contenders, Fox TV said that Joanna Pacitti was "ineligible to continue." No reason was given.

Felicia Barton of Virginia Beach, Va., replaced Pacitti, a Philadelphia native, in the top 36.

The show announced the semifinalists Wednesday night, then later released an update saying it had cut Pacitti loose and subbed in Barton, a 26-year-old married mom.

Pacitti, 23, could not immediately be reached for comment.

A few of the contestants in Tuesday night's episode, including Pacitti, flubbed the lyrics but made it through to the next round.

Pacitti, who auditioned in Louisville, Ky., entered "Idol" with a showbiz resume. She had a record deal with Geffen and released an album in 2006. Billboard reports it sold more than 16,000 copies. "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi recognized Pacitti when she auditioned in Louisville, Ky.

She also starred in "Annie" on Broadway as a young girl, and sang on the soundtracks for the movies "Legally Blonde" and "Bratz." Britney Spears' tune "Out From Under," from her latest album, was first performed by Pacitti on the "Bratz" soundtrack.

All that experience was enough to draw complaints from viewers who thought she was too polished for the top-rated show, which purports to pluck raw talent out of nowhere and turn them into stars.

However, eight seasons in, "Idol" has selected singers who have spent time in the recording studio.

Pacitti's situation echoed the controversy over last season's finalists, Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook, who had previous record deals.

Smithson had recorded an album for MCA Records, while Cook once had a deal with Arista Nashville. Other experienced seventh-season singers include Robbie Carrico, who was in the pop group Boyz N Girlz United, and runner-up David Archuleta, who won "Star Search" in 2003.

American Idol Night - '09

This is night 4 of week 2 of Hollywood Week. Yes the math doesn’t work but stretching the week out over 2 weeks and 4 shows makes lots of cents for FOX. Just think of all the ads they can sell for horrific movie previews, fast food restaurants and chewing gun. Seriously people what is with all the gum ads? Do idol-wannabes all have Halitosis?

Here are our illustrious judges; Simon “The only Judge that Matters” Cowell, Paula “I Drink too Much Cough Syrup and that’s why I Love Everyone” Abdul, Randy “I can’t even spell Dawg” Jackson and Kara “I can Display Cleavage Like Paula Too“ DioGuardi

We have many questions to answer tonight:

Will BFF's Jamar Rogers and Danny "#1 Sob Story of the Week" Gokey continue to be co-joined at the hip or will daring surgery be performed live on TV to separate them?

Will Tatiana the Terrible and Nathaniel “Drama Queen and all-around Queen” Marshall finally be given the boot, proving that God actually does watch American Idol and cares about it?

With the show being set in what looks like a Victorian Goth-like Mansion, will Paula dress like a vampire from Twilight?

Will we actually see singing tonight on a show that is supposed to be about singing?

Oh and who will be the final 36 contestants?

So on with the show…all 2 hours of it! Two hours of watching idolettes sit in front of the judges and be told yes or no. Why do we put ourselves through this?

The judges are in large velvety blood red chairs…looks like something my Italian grandmother had back in the old country. Paul’s hair looks great but not sure about the dress. Looks like a blue crepe paper bag. Randy is sporting some paisley from the 80’s but I like.

First up is Anoop Dawg. My man! And he’s in the final 36, duh!

Von “Cool First Name Boring Second Name” Smith. He bores me in general. I’d say he’s borderline. Borderline enough to get through.

Cody “I’d like to remake all 12 of the Friday the 13th movies” is forced to do a sing off. Alex Wamner…… is the second half of the sing off. Alex has the better voice but Cody has the ‘cooler’ look. Alex looks like a homeshool nerd – I should know. And Alex is through and Cody is going home.

Adam “Max Factor” Lambert is up next. He’s getting lots of airtime so he’s got to be going through. He looks real good in that Victorian room. Simon tries the old fake out acting like its bad news. But obviously he’s going through. He looks like a top 10 possibility.

Taylor Vaifuna is with us next. I like her and think she’s in. Randy does the hesitating thing (poorly) and gives her the good news

6 girls in 60 seconds. Jasmine Murray and Arianna and Casey Carson and Stevie Wright and Mishavonna and Megan Corkery are all in.

Joanna “The Ringer” Pacitti. I like her. Nice last name. Pretty girl. Not annoying. Even though she’s not na amateur I’d put her in. They drag it out and then let her in.

T’K Hash, Reggie and Chris somebody are all axed.

Kendall Beard is in and very emotional.

Jen Korbee is forced to sing…which means Kristen McNamara will be singing against her. I vote Jen. Let’s see…the judges babble/fight. Simon seems to want Jen The Very Attractive Blonde Girl. The judges keep dissing Kristen’s clothing choice. Kristen is in. Simon and I both disagree with the choice

Alexis “Two-Tone Hair” Grace is in the hot seat and is in. Idol we know that if you show lots of highlights and personal stuff about the person before they go in, that they are usually going on.

Scott Macintyre is in. He’s the blind, I man visually impaired dude. Like the judges were going to whack a blind guy. They will let America do that.

Lil Rounds, the mother of 3 is up next. I’m digging her. Big voice. First we get the ‘dramatic’ pause and then she’s in the top 36 (that’s no reference to the bra she needs to go buy)

Felecia Barton is given the axe.

Ashley “I’m all Legs” Hollister is also axed.

Devon Baldwin is axed.

Frankie “Goes to Hollywood” Jordon the stay at home mom is up. She’s going upstairs with Jessie Langston. Sing-off? Frankie is very nervous and singing softly. Not great. But not awful. Jessie brings it a lot stronger, more confident. Simon calls it a horrible song. They drag them both back on the carpet. Paula gives the good news to……..Jessie. Simon tells both of them they couldn’t win. Paula and Kara give out hugs.

A few more get canned while I was watching Rambo 2 on another channel.

Big Voiced 16 year-old Allison with the red hair that matches the judge’s chairs is a Final 36.

BFF's Jamar “My Face is Pin Cushion” Rogers and Danny "#1 Sob Story of the Week" Gokey, The Donk and Rob wannabes. Are promised us after the break. We get a long segment of these to best buds. Kinda like Andy and Barney or Starskey and Hutch. I’d like them to both go home cause I’m sick of FOX’s shameless playing up the dead wife angle and the BFF garabage. Even better would be a sing-off between the two. But alas its not to happen. Danny is through. Now Jamar walks the green mile to get to the judges room…..but first another commercial. Time to go watch Rambo snuff out some more commies. Ok I made it back for the verdict. Jamar is gone. The Dynamic Duo is broken up. Jamar is shocked, Ryan is shocked, Danny is shocked, the rest of the contestants are shocked, Obama is shocked and calls for a stimulus package to give Jamar his own show. Got help a brother out.

Ricky, Matt, Jorge, Brent and Ju’not THE BOWIE GUY are all through in about 13 seconds of footage.

Stephen, the dude with the cool hair who forgot the words last time is top 36.

Now we get a tour of the mansion. And a glimpse of Nick/Norman doing is stuff. Please let this guy through. I love him. He’s great material. Of course so are the 2 drama queens but they need to go home. And Norman/Nick is staying around…YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

We have a half-hour left and Tatiana The Terrible and Nathaniel The Drama Queen are still to go.

Jackie Tohn with the smoke-whiskey cured voice is on the chair. She’s in and is very very excited.

Tatiana the Terrible montage. She sings well but is possibly the most annoying person ever. Seriously. Paula gives a ring. Simon calls it a shameless promotion of her jewelry line. Randy gives her the ‘good’ news. Good for who?

Jackie “Guy not a Gal” Midkiff is singing off against Nathaniel our favorite drama queen. But first we here about his horrible childhood. Ok it was rough, but he still needs to leave. Jackie sings first and does well. Nathaniel sings ok too. If I close my eyes I can listen to Nathaniel. I don’t know who to pick talent-wise. Jackie is obviously non-offensive. The judges decide……on Nathaniel. So both of our DQ’s are still in.

Next up after a break. The Welder and the Oil Rigger square-off. Instead of singing maybe they will have them fight in a cage match. One can hope.

This show is long. I want to go to bed. Rambo just blew-up a village.

Kai Kalama is in. He’s got great hair too. It's all about the hair. Anne Marie and some other people get in too.

And then there were two. Welder and Oil Rigger dudes. We get a look back at how they got here. Both of them are likable and seem like family guys. Hopefully the judges will pull a ‘surprise’ and let both in. Matt does just ok. Next Michael sings. I think he did better. Time to see what the judges think and wrap this puppy up. And duh…….I was right. Yeah me.

That’s all folks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

Still in Hollywood and 72 left. Tonight they get to perform with a band, backup singers or their own instrument. We are at the ‘historic’ Kodak Theater

The judges are agonizing over the contestants with the singers are in the holding tank.

But first we get a recap of how they spend their days….boringly it looks like.

First up is Adam ‘I get my eyeliner by the case’ Lambert. Doing Cher’s Believe. While I don’t like this guy’s styles, he seems like the type who could go far.

T-shirt and Vest guy is playing an electronic piano. He’s bluesy and soulful.

We get a glimpse with BFF’s Jamar and Danny “I Recently Lost My Wife’ Gokey…..Jamar is dressed like Kermit the Frog in a very bright green sweater singing Hey There Delia…..i loath that whiny crybaby song. Jamar needs to leave just for choosing it. Danny’s ok but the whole BFF thing is tiresome. I mean it’s worse than Rob and The Donk’s BFF man-crush thing….ewwwww

Time for commercials. What is Kara wearing? Anyone? She looks like a brown ostrich. And Paula is dancing and bouncing all over the place. Time for the FOX breathalyzer. Randy is wearing some mardi gras beads. Please don’t pull-up your shirt Randy.

Annop Dawg Desai and Jorge Nunuez get some brief screen time. I like the Annop dude.

Scott ‘the blind piano man’ Macintyre is back in front of some keyboards and looks a lot more comfortable. But not a great voice. Is he being kept around cause he’s blind? For the story? FOX wouldn’t do something cheap like that, would they? Nah

Kendall “I’ll Get Thru on My Cleavage if not Singing’ Beard is bubbly but so-so but should get by on her looks for now

Stevie ‘Girl not a Boy’ Wright is up. 16 year-old who I really like.

Kristen McNamara is up and interviewed. She was part of some drama that I must have missed last week when I was on my death-bed.

The incredibly annoying Tatiana Del Toro (is she named after a lawnmower?) sings next and is so fullof herself. She can’t go soon enough.

Alexis Grace, Kenny Hao and jasmine Murray get 5 seconds each but they are a good 5 seconds

Nathaniel ‘Drama-Queen and Tinkerbelle wannabe’ Marshall is featured next. Somebody shoot me now or him or both of us. This ‘dude’ more effeminate than Richard Simmons

Joanna ‘The Ringer’ Paciti and cool haired black dude Stephen Fowler butcher the lyrics to their songs……never a good idea……

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” this looks like it could be one of the worst movies ever made. Ok I take that back. There was just a preview for ‘Fired Up’. So it’s a tie for the worst movie ever. I’d rather watch Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too.

Nick/Norman/Sybil is up next and trying to figure out who to sing as. Ok he’s doing the 80’s Flash Dance Queen thing again. I’d keep him around just for the craziness. The show needs his personality. Heck maybe he could co-host with Seacrest

Anne Marie Bosovich does a nice but not spectacular performance. I liked her from the earlier rounds…hope she gets through.

Ju’not (did I spell that right?) is up next. It appears he’s from my hometown. Guess I got to root for him now. Rats I was just getting ready to make fun of his ghetto look. Which I now know is fake since there is no real ghetto around here…other than my house.

Kaylan Loyd who is upset about her audition is shown but doesn’t talk. Lenshe Young, one of our sob stories is up next. She’s the poor girl. She’s got a real nice voice.

Kai Kalma is losing is voice. Bad timing.

Michael ‘Exxon-Mobil’ Sarver our friendly neighborhood oil field roughneck is up. He’s good.

Ok this weird. Simon leaves to catch a flight to London. His he being knighted, sacrificing a goat at Stonehenge.

So the minor three get to deliver the news. First they do the ‘we are sorry, oh psyche’ you are really through to one of the rooms. Man it’s the one with Tinkerbelle in it. Well at least he’s blogging material.

The second room is giving the boot. Little Castro is in that room so he’s home. Bummer. He had some character.

It’s near impossible to keep up with who is in what room. Check online tomorrow for the complete list.

Two more rooms to give news to and then we will be down to the final 36. Can’t come soon enough. Hearing a few seconds of people singing makes for lousy TV. This show does not flow at all in this format.

The 3rd room to get the news is giving a speech. Randy tries the fake-out thing again….as I roll my eyes. This room had too many good people in it, it was getting through.

Here we are at the 4th and final room. So they are going home right? Unless there is some craziness. And there is. This room gets through too. Color me confused. I guess the 3 rooms that got through add up to 36?! New math?

Ok here’s a preview for tomorrow night. They have to meet the judges in their mansion and sit down in front of them, like something out of the Godfather. Ok I get it, kind of

Friday, February 6, 2009


Yes it's back. Time for another installment of EOTWAWKI (end of the world as we know it).

  1. Panasonic reported a loss of $4.2 billion; it said it was cutting 15,000 jobs.
  2. The Chinese are now buying more automobiles than Americans
  3. Disney profits fell 32% in the first quarter
  4. Credit card delinquencies are at a record high
  5. Disney profits fell 32% in the first quarter
  6. India, which is now producing $2,000 cars, announced a project to build laptop computers that will sell for 20 bucks
  7. U.S. property owners lost $3.3 trillion last year, says Bloomberg. Houses in Las Vegas fell 41%. In Phoenix, they went down 43%. Miami homeowners saw a 40% decline.
  8. In Spain, unemployment grew 47 % in the last 12 months. 14% of the workforce is out of a job.
  9. IBM says it cut salaries by 15%. UPS said it froze its payroll.
So can we start calling this a depression instead of a recession? Or do we have to wait awhile long?

I guess we should wait a bit longer to use the 'D' word. But if Obama the Wise...Obama the Merciful...Obama the All-Knowing, doesn't have it fixed by year-end then the kid gloves come off. Obviously I'm joking since I don't think any politician or government official can do anything but make it worse.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

Went to bed yesterday afternoon at 5....just got up at 8 this morning. Flu. Did not get to watch idol. My bride did.

I leave you with this:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol Night - '09

The obnoxious auditions are over and we are in Hollywood for hopefully some decent performances. There 147 left….some have to be good, don’t they?

A preview of very emotional people. Don’t these people have anything else in their lives? They really need to chill.

They all went through idol boot camp and got tarted-up and pimp-out…plus they had vocal coaching. And extra help from a plastic faced Barry Manilow. He’s had more work than Randy

Here’s the deal, they are singing a capella and they get a yes or no. Then we do the ‘half of you take a step forward’ thing.

This is too random and fast to name each singer. We are going through half people tonight. Let’s just mention any standouts or train wrecks

1. Daniel or Daniel – train wreck and potty mouth
2. Pierced face and ear dude with a headband and who cries like a little girl….and somehow gets through
3. Jasmine Murray – 16yo pretty girl with a big voice
4. Rose aka hippy chick with questionable hygiene habits and who doesn’t own shoes or a bra and who bawls too. But she will live to fight another day. Since she’s gonna be in Hollywood for awhile longer maybe she can hit a Prada shoe store and Fredericks of Hollywood for some shopping.
5. Jorge our Latin Bo-Hunk lets it fly good
6. Anoop Desai aka Noop Dog does a fine job
7. Norman aka Nick aka Norman. Mr. split-personality is back with his craziness and shimmery shirt and headband. Reminds me of The Donk when he went through his Flash Dance period. Well scratch me behind the ears and call me Sparky, he gets through. At least he livens up the place

Day 2 – the other half

1. Jackie Tone aka muffin-top girl from the auditions is dressed like a hooker tonight in leather mini-skirt and black go-go boots. She sounds a bit like Janis Joplin and gets to Die Another Day
2. Danny Gokey, the dude whose wife recently died, does a Seal song and sounds lame to me…but the judges…love him…go figure. Guess that’s why I’m not in the music business
3. Here is BG (bikini girl). She’s still a tart and still kissing on Seacrest. She does Breathe by Faith Hill. She’s actually a decent singer. Kara gets all ‘cat-fighting’ again. Paula joins in. Simon sticks up for her…again and of course Randy joins with Simon. Kara takes a few parting cheap-shots.
4. Jesus gets the axe….not a smart move judges. Jesus is not happy. You don’t want to tick off the Almighty. You aren’t going to like a plague of frogs or locusts descending on Hollywood. The rest of us won’t mind though
5. Oil –rigger dude Jeremy does well….too bad we need people pumping out more oil, gas prices are going back up lately
6. Tatted-up pink haired chick. Emily, sings a different song at the last moment…never a good idea. The judges are disappointed in her…but how much? Not enough to send her home
7. David Osmond gets through too. Did y’all know he’s from Salt Lake City?
8. Simon and Paula fight over…um I have actually I have no idea what they are fighting about

147 singers in an hour show and we only saw a few…lots of filler tonight?!

Tomorrow night is the ‘Group’ round. Hasta La Vista