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American Idol 2010

I'll spare you the detailed blow by blow.

In someways the results show was better because we didn't have the group lip sync. We did get the group Ford video which as far as those things go was pretty good last night.

I good have done without the Idolettes designing a paint job for a Ford Fiesta (they still make that car?) but Fox has to pay Simon's huge salary somehow.

David Cook was fine as entertainment (is it just me or is his hair thicker? Hair Club for Men? Rogaine?) and Orianthi was tolerable (in a leather-clad Barbie doll sorta way) BUT the 3rd rate Lady Gaga wannabe Kesha (spelled Ke$ha - she is so clever) was a total nightmare. As bad as Lady Gaga is at least she has talent. Kesha wouldn't have made it into the Top 24 if she was an Idol contestant. I would have rather them done the group lip sync.

Any who after a winnowing down the Idolettes to the bottom 3 vote getters, we are left with Paige, Lacey and Tim on the Stemware of Shame. Tim is the first to be told he is safe. Tim goes into is "I can't believe I am safe shocked routine". Does he practice it in front of the mirror? Another victory for VFTW.

Alas it's Lacey who is going home. She sings one more time but the judges decide not to use their Save Card on her. Sadly its not Paige since Lacey was one of my favorites this year.

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American Idol 2010

It’s Stones night on Idol

Michael - “Miss You” – hey good voice for Michael but I don’t like the arrangement or the dancing he’s doing. Gokey from last year danced better than Big Mike. Ok it’s cheesy and corny but I give him credit for trying not to be boring like most of the performers. Of course RanEllara are lusting all over him since he is one of the Chosen Ones. Simon says it on straight but dis’ his dancing. Simon and Seabiscuit have a bit of a cat fight to see who is Queen Bee. Grade B-

Didi – “Play with Fire” – our Brook White wannabe is singing one of my more favorite Stone’s song. She’s singing a very depressed version of the song. And her facial expressions are kinda creeping me out, like she wants to slash my tires or throat. That being said I like her voice. RanEllara like her, the three of them appear to be in a good mood tonight. Or maybe they realize they have marginal talent this year and need to talk it up. Simon likes her and thinks she’s getting better and can do even better. Grade B

Casey – “All Over Now” – Casey is brining a bit of country blues tonight with is electric guitar. He really plays a nice guitar and would song great in a Bar Band. RanEllara loves him and Ellen throws in a sly switch-hitter joke. Of course the Cougar is all over him. Ok it was good but chill babe or Ryan is going to throw some cold water on you. Simon likes it but says it wasn’t incredible. Grade A-

Lacey – “Ruby Tuesday” – Lacey is looking cute and somewhat more comfortable on stage tonight. She has such a distinctive voice, in a good way, but it’s a very soft voice. I liked her version and it was something I could listen to again. Not credit but good enough to keep her around. RanEllara are so-so on her tonight. And the only judge that matters says she performs like an actress, too planned and thought out. Grade B-

4 down and no train wrecks yet. Andrew, Kate and Tim are up next so that should be corrected soon.

Andrew – “Gimme Shelter” – this is so not doing it for me. Sorry Andy. It’s not the worst he has ever been but its not good either. His vocals are average and his dancing bad and his facial expressions are even worse. Randy says it was pitchy everywhere. Right on Bro! Ellen is high again this week. Kara didn’t have a connection with it. Simon thinks he tried hard but it wasn’t quite there and throws in a plug for him. Well Andrew was one of the Chosen Ones at one time, hard for Simon to let go. Grade D+

Katie – “Wild Horses” – ok she is supposed to be going younger, yet they have her in an antique dress and old lady jewelry. What gives? And then she chooses a slow somewhat sad song. And she does a boring performance of it. Might be time to start packing, unless Paige smells up the joint. RanEllAra are ok with it but not thrilled. Simon liked the first half of the song. Grade C but she will be safe because they talked her up. Grade D

Tim – “Under My Thumb” – Tim Tim Tim I am really not sure of this song choice for you. Tim has pulled out his guitar for tongihts show. Maybe he can set it on fire after this horrible performance. Tim your only hope is if VFTW selects you again. This is the only performance where I literally laughed out loud. He is the worst of the night. But Tim has been living on borrowed time since barely squeaking into the Top 24 a month ago. RanEllara don’t like but give him some credit for changing it up. Simon is not down with it. Grade D-

Siobhan – “Paint it Black” – ok girl let’s get it done. She is on the stair ala Adam Lambert. She starts the song of very softy and then starts to kick it up and channels the aforementioned Mr. Lambert. She gets crazy but doesn’t lose control. Finally someone who didn’t play it safe. Thanks Siobhan. Randy Loves it. Ellen Loves it. Kara sound like me, yuck. Simon also loves it and praises it and calls her the best of the night. Well said Sir Simon. Grade A

Lee – Beast of Burden” – Lee is my favorite dude this year so I have high hopes. I think he should have kept the hat on, he looked cooler with it. I really like Lee’s voice, the arrangement is ok. Not great but credit to him for changing it up. Good enough to stay around. Randy pulls out the Dope card, he gets paid each time he says it. Ellen says it was a bit lacking. Kara says he is growing it each week and getting better. Simon likes Lee but says he doesn’t shine. Simon wants him to have more confidence because he’s good. Grade B+

Paige – “Honky Tonk Woman” – Paige why this song? I love this song. Why not be un-PC and pick Brown Sugar? That would-be great and I might actually like you. This is one of Paige’s better performances. Not great but good for Paige. The outfit is silly though. The judges all like it ok. Grade B

Aaron – “Angie” – A 16 year old singing Angie?! I don’t know man. I’m not feeling it from him. Way too old a song for him. His voice is fine but this song does not fit the young lad. He’s rocking a new Ellen-like hairdo. RanEllara love him. Simon thinks it’s a great song choice, Simon is high tonight. Grade B-

Crystal – “You Can't Always Get What You Want” – One of my fav Stone songs. It started off a bit weak but then she got in to it and rocked it. My only issue is that she’s the same each week, real good, but the same. RanEllara are fans but it’s not her best night. Simon says Siobhan was better tonight. Grade A-

Worst of the night and could be going home: Tim, Katie, Andrew and Lacey are all candidates. Though I hope Lacey makes it.

Buy, Buy American Pie

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Today's Workouts

Time of Day: 5:30am
Weather: rain and 50
Distance: 15.15 miles
Time: 2:06:28
Pace: 8:21
Running Shoes: Asics DS Trainer 14
Back Pain: 2
Comments: The Plan called for 15 miles with 12 miles at goal marathon pace (8:15). Actual run: 3 mile warm-up then 12 miles at an 8:10 pace - fastest mile 8:01, slowest mile 8:24

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American Idol 2010

Is this the worst 60 minutes on TV? Why do I watch it? So I can complain? I mean I could just go online in an hour and find out in about 30 painless seconds who the 4 are that were kicked off. Go figure, guess I just like pain and suffering during Lent.

First we start with a painful picture of Randy in a bikini and then right into the equally painful Group Sing. These are almost universally bad and tonight is no exception. Crystal Bowersox, to her everlasting credit, looks like she is barely participating and would rather be anywhere else. Do song they are singing is "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble. There singing is actually pretty good, the song not so much.

We get made official what we already knew, that next week the Top 12 will be singing Rolling Stones’ songs.

Didi is Top 12 stuff. No Surprise there and she is sent over to The Stemware of Safety.

Siobhan “The Official Contestant of SCD” is safe

Katelyn and Paige are brought up and told one will be gone, please be Paige! OH NO its Katelyn?!?! Are you kidding me? Can anyone say race quota? This show is so fixed at times. And Simon totally knew who was getting booted, which goes against what we are told. They will stoop at nothing to make the judges look smart. Curse you VFTW! They certainly had to have had a hand in Paige staying.

So was that the first of 2 shockers that SeaWeed promised us? Well yea it was a shocker alright.

Lee, Tim, Todrick and Casey are hauled up on stage and made to endure Seacrest’s telling them how they got here. Like we all don’t know.


Tim=Safe which is actually cool cause Todrick should be gone. Those teen girls must really like Tim’s bangs and 6-pacl abs cause dude cannot sing. Seacrest drags it out by talking slower than a stroke victim. Spit it out son. And YES its Todrick the Thief who is heading home and hopefully to jail, or at least obedience school.

Todrick sings his song again and shows about 25 million people why he’s going home and why he should never have been in the Top 24 to start.

Two of last year’s contestants, Scott “blind dude” Macintyre and Matt “3rd rate Justin Timberlake” Giraud are singing at pianos. They are doing Bill Joel’s “Tell Her About it”. Matt is pretty good tonight.

Now back to the girls, oh and the guys. Mixing it up tonight.

Crystal is sent to the space age stemware of safety.

Big Mike joins her in safety.

Lacey of the pretty eyes=safe.

After being made to squirm and probably pee himself a bit, Aaron is safe.

Ok we’ve got Alex and Andrew left. Who is going? I would say Andrew is the worst of the two. Unbelievable. Andrew the two-bit Gokey is staying and Andrew is going? Ugh. Another quato filled. Siobhan seems to agree with me as she is crying. Maybe her and Alex are BFF’s. And Alex is singing “Trouble” once again and proving once again that he is better than Andrew.

So one spot left. It will be either Katie or Lilly. Now normally I would assume its Katie going home but after Paige and Andrew getting to stay, not to mention Aaron, I just don’t know. Holy Mother of Pearl it’s Lilly that is kicked-off. This is getting silly stupid this year.


Today's Workout

Time of Day: 11:30am
Weather: partly-sunny and 55
Distance: 6.06 miles
Time: 52:56
Pace: 8:44
Running Shoes: Zoot Ultra's
Back Pain: 1
Comments: First 3.5 miles run with The Donk. Next 2.5 miles by myself. Guess The Donk couldn't hang with the Big Dog.

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American Idol 2010

8 dudes

Squeezing 8 contestants into an hour last night and tonight is awesome. Very little time for the worthless judges to yap a lot. Randy is tolerable in the way that your slightly crazy uncle is, as long as he doesn’t stay to long and leaves your toothbrush alone and stays out of your underwear draw. Simon is about the same as always but has seemed to have checked out and be thinking about his new show and the extra millions he’s gonna rake in – gotta pay for that $750,000 engagement ring he bought. But Kara and Ellen! Heaven help us if we have to put up with those two next year without a Simon. Is there anyone more annoying and full of herself than Kara? She’s the conceited girl in high school who thought she was part of the cool clique but was really just a mouthy loser who everyone laughed behind her back, and in front of her. After last year’s bikini-baring during the finales, what could she possibly do this year to look the bigger fool? Stay tuned. And Ellen, not only does she know nothing about music and has resorted to parroting the other judges, she’s not even funny. You would think she could at least do funny.

Here’s to hoping the guys will turn around the snooze-fest that was last night. Let’s pick it up guys and do something special.

Sea (and Michael) are rocking the dark undertaker suit tonight. Tonight they play up the Kara/Simon touchy-feely angle, only slightly less disturbing then the Ellen/Simon grope session tonight.

Lee “Sleepy” Dewyze- “Fireflies” by Owl City – ok here is what I like about Lee, he’s got great stage presence and he looks the part. His voice is serviceable. Not great but good enough. The judges like it enough too. He should be safe. Grade B

Alex “Mullet Boy” Lambert – “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne – he sounds very close to the original, but not in a good way. More like he is mimicking his voice instead of doing it is own way. Not the way to go Alex. Relax dude and be yourself. The Dyke is high tonight, just great. There goes the PG rating for the show. Cougar is also high and pushing the PG rating. Simon tells him to chill out and picture Randy in a bikini. Come on Simon, not right after dinner. Grade C

Tim “Zac Efron 2.0” Urban – “Ha” by Jeff Buckley – Tim may be the worst contestant to ever get into the Top 16. I can only guess that the girls are voting for his bangs and abs in droves. I must say when the song selections for tonight leaked out I feared for Tim. But this isn’t nearly the train wreck I thought it would be. Its not great, he doesn’t have the range for this song but for Tim it was ok. Randy thinks it was ok. Ellen runs up on stage and hugs Tim for some reason. Kara says he might have put himself back in the contest. Kara must have seen Tim’s ab pictures and wants to keep the play-toy around awhile longer. Simon too likes it. All the judges are high tonight. It wasn’t that good. Grade B-

Andrew “Danny Gokey 2.0” Garcia – “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera – Ugh this is bad and boring. Dude needs to go back home and get a job. The singing thing ain’t working and the “stay at home dad” thing is lame too. Get a job. Maybe if he got that stupid neck tattoo removed he could get a job at somewhere other than a fast-food establishment. Randy basically says it blowed. And Ellen, Kara and Simon make it a consensus. Grade D-

Casey “Kara’s Toy” James – “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban. Country, I loathe country music. So I shall refrain from commenting on Casey tonight. Other than to say that he still needs to shower. Randy calls I a safe choice and needs to go for it more. Well safe will get him into the Top 12. Ellen liked it. Kara is back on the Casey Train, ok then. Simon liked it enough but it wasn’t real memorable. Grade B

Aaron “Archie 2.0” Kelly – “I’m Already There” by Lonestar – what is this? Country night? Please people. Go over to the Country Music Channel. (no offense to MomtoFiveMinnies). Put me to sleep. Randy liked it and Ellen didn’t, huh? Kara says it was too old for him. Simon calls Kara’s comments rubbish. You go Simon. Grade D+

Todrick “The Thief” Hall – “Somebody to Love” by Queen – Oh this has such potential to be a major train wreck. And once again Todrick hasn’t disappointed. He may be the worse than Tim. It’s like listening to a cat being neutered with a weed-whacker. RanEllAra are totally high tonight. That was horrible. Simon likes ok and says it may have saved him. I guess the judges are just trying to make their decision to put him in the Top 24 look justified. Grade is D- for the thief.

Michael “Tiny” Lynche – “Woman’s Work” by Maxwell – Oh how I can’t stand Mike. That abandoner of his wife during labor. Jeez this is boring. Ok it picked up a bit towards the end. But he really needs to quite moving around. He looks like a dorky puppet. Dude is palying the new baby card more than Danny Gokey played the dead wife card last year. Randy and Ellen wet themselves praising it. Kara wets her cheeks with what look like fake tears. Simon loves it too. I told you they were all high tonight. Its been obviously for months now that Michael is one of the judge chosen ones. Grade B-

So who is gone? Aaron, Andrew, Tim and Todrick. Two of those guys I would guess.

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 11:30am
Weather: partly-sunny and 55
Distance: 13.13 miles
Time: 1:57:01
Pace: 8:57
Running Shoes: K-Swiss K-ona
Back Pain: 1
Comments: great day for running out there

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American Idol 2010

Top 8 Girls

Katie “I’m 17 but I sing Old Lady Songs” Stevens – “Break Away” by Kelly Clarkson. So she chooses a more modern song but makes it seem old and somewhat boring. She could be done for, good voice or not she keeps choosing the wrong songs. Simon says "You kind of sucked the energy out of it and made it kind of gloomy." Grade C-
Siobhan “The One” Magnus – “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. Ok loved and loved her improved look. The tri-fecta of irrelevant judges liked her but Simon the Terrible did not. Boo Simon. Grade A

Lacey “Pretty Eyes” Brown – "The Story" by Brandi Carlile. I like Lacey. I know she hasn’t done well but I like her look and her voice. Randy, Kara and Ellen like her too. Simon liked her too for a change. Grade B-

Katelyn “I Stuck my Finger in an Outlet” Epperly – “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King. Katelyn is rocking the big hair tonight which I like but my wife doesn’t for some reason. Blah. Too fast. Too cruise shipish or high school talent show. Hopefully her other performances will be enough to keep her around. RanEllAra don’t care for it either. Simon agrees with me about the hair and about the song. Grace D

Didi “The White Diva” Benami – “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Didi is rocking the guitar tongight. Ok let’s see; I hate Fleetwood Mac, Didi is attractive and has a voice I like, this performance is boring me to sleep. Randy “no wow moment but better than last week”. Ellen says “blah blah blah”. Kara, who is apparently high, says it was one of her favorite moments of the night. Simon has been sharing the bong tonight. Grade C-

Paige “Where did all the Other Sisters go?” Miles – “Smile” by Charlie Chapin – What the heck is going on? Is this slow song night and I didn’t get the memo? I’m already exhausted from not sleeping well last night and this is doing me in. Las Vegas salesman convention material. RanEllAra no like it either. Simon rips her pretty good which good work in her favor. Grade D-

Crystal “What is Soap?” Bowersox – “Give me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman – She is great. Always good and confident. And the judges rave too. Grade A

Lilly “I Buy Peroxide in Bulk” Scott – “I Fall to Pieces” by Patsy Cline – this song is not Lilly. What is going on tonight? What’s with the little eltric mandolin? And she looks like she is 4 months preggers. Ok its growing on me a bit. RanEllAra likes it. Simon calls it quirky cute but not Wow. Grade B-

Who is gone next week? How about Katie and Paige

Today's Workout

Workout #1
Time of Day: 10:30am
Weather: Sunny and 55
Distance: 6.53 miles
Time: 57:56
Pace: 8:52
Running Shoes: Newton
Back Pain: 1
Comments: wonderfull weather today and back is feeling good

Workout #2
Time of Day: 3:00pm
Weather: n/a dreadmill
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 35:53
Pace: 8:58
Running Shoes: Zoot Ultra Tempo
Back Pain: 1
Comments: treadmill :(

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The Vatican's Top Album's

The Vatican has released a list of the top Rock/Pop albums of all time

Why? Not really sure but here is the list. For the record I own or have owned 7 of the 10. Everything but the Fleetwood Mac, David Crosby and Donald Fagen albums.

Rock on Benedict!

THE TOP TEN (In order of release)

1. Revolver by the Beatles

2. If I could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby

3. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

4. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

5. The Nightfly by Donald Fagen

6. Thriller by Michael Jackson

7. Graceland by Paul Simon

8. Achtung Baby by U2

9. (What's the story) Morning Glory by Oasis

10. Supernatural by Carlos Santana

Demotivational Monday

Because the weekend is over and Mondays are just horrendous

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Lindsey Vonn Striped of Gold Medal

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 12:30pm
Weather: n/a dreadmill
Distance: 10.14 miles
Time: 1:30:00
Pace: 8:49
Running Shoes: Newton
Back Pain: 1
Comments: aack on the treadmill

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American Idol 2010

Top 20 Group Performance : "I Got A Feeling" By Black Eyed Peas

My Mom always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." But let me say this, they made it sound worse than the original...tough feat that. But don’t worry it will keep going downhill at the bottom of the hour when Danny Gokey returns to the Idol stage to sing. The over/under on how long he takes to mention is deceased wife is set at 2 minutes.

So my predictions I made the last two nights are:

Guys to go: Todrick and Jermaine. Another possibility is John

Gals to go: Haeley, Lacey or maybe Didi

11 minutes! That’s all it took for SeaBreeze to make a cougar joke about Kara/Casey.

There are very few guys that would be missed this season if they were sent home so it really doesn’t matter at all who gets sent home.

For the first guy to go it’s down to Todrick and John...and the stealer of little kids money is sadly safe and not going home or to prison. John “Token Asian” Park will be heading home which really isn't a surprise. So I didn’t get Todrick correct but I want partial credit for say John was a possibility.

1 guy down. 1 guy and 2 gals to go.

You all don’t really want me to list the guys as Seacrest goes down the list one by one do you? That’s what I thought.

Ok we are down to Andrew “Danny Gokey 2.0” Garcia and Jermaine “Who?” Sellers. It’s Jermaine going home, yes! I called that one. That’s one and a half right for me.

Apparently God is upset with me. Danny Gokey is singing some pop-extra-light song. I guess I could offer it up since it is Lent and all but man that is tough to take. He’s right back at it, mentioning is dead wife in a two minute interview with Seaweed. I have the dead-wife referance coming at 1:42 on my watch. Dude it didn't help you win Idol last year and it ain't gonna help you sell records this year.

Ok it’s the girls turn to sweat.

Down to two for the first girl who is going. The choices are: Michelle “The Black Diva” Delamor and Didi “The White Diva” Benami. And Michelle is going home, didn’t see that one coming. I actually like Michele and would have kept. Of course I would have kept Didi too.

And for the last girl to go we are down to: Haeley “How did I get into the Top 24” Vaughn and Lacey “Pretty Eyes” Brown. And the youngster Haeley is going back to high school where she belongs. Have fun young lady. Be a kid.

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 11:30am
Weather: Sunny and 37
Distance: 6.22 miles
Time: 54:47
Pace: 8:49
Running Shoes: Asics DS Trainer 14
Back Pain: 1
Comments: Warm enough to unleash my pale winter legs on the world and wear shorts.

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American Idol 2010

Top 10 Young Ladies
The daper Seacrest starts off my introducing the gals to us, including the sick Crystal, and then we get the judges comments regarding last nights performances by the dudes. Question: areRyan and Ellen long lost twins?
Once again they try to play-up the Kara flirting with Simon angle. It worked well with Paula, with Kara…not so much.

1) Crystal Bowersox – “As Long as I can see the Light” by CCR – Miss Bowersox is doing the song in a quasi gospel/Janis Joplin style. She is definitely one of my top two females this year, Siobhan being the other. While this is a slower song that I wouldn’t normally care much about, she makes it real and it works for her. Randy digs the chick for being herself. He loves her and she’s hot. Ellen, well who cares about Ellen. Kara and our main man Simon are onboard too. Grade A-

2) Haeley Vaughn – “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus- Oh boy this has the potential to be Hindenburg bad, she might actually make Miley sound good. Ok on the plus side she’s not as bad as she was last week. And she seems like a sweet girl. But I think she needs to go back to during things like high school plays and musicals and take it from there. I mean she is only 16 so she has time to work on the performing thing. Randy gets it right, go figure and Ellen seems to be trying to channel Paula without the fun. Kara doesn’t like it either. And Simon says he doesn’t want to pile on but he’s pretty rough. Grade D-

Pizza commercial – great now I’m hungry.

3) Lacey Brown – “Kiss Me” by Six Pence None the Richer - Lacey likes antiquing. She is trying to appeal to the 50-something gay male vote – could be a winning strategy. Ok I like Lacey, she’s sweet and cute and quirky and I like her voice but the singing is just so-so tonight. Get into it more girl! That being said it was better than last week. With any luck the young boys and men will notice her pretty eyes and vote for her. I’d like to see if she can get better. Randy plays the dreaded karaoke card on her. Ellen thinks she is adorable, of course she does. Kara and Simon thinks she stepped it up from last week but needs to step it up even more. Grade C-

4) Katie Stevens – “Put Your Record On” by Corinne Bailey Rae – Katie can say “give me a kiss” in 6 different languages, that should make the 17 year olds parents proud. Katie is filling the pretty young brunette role this year. Ok this is much better and much more current than the old fashion performance last week. I like her voice. Randy says there were some bright moments. Ellen things she needs to be younger still with her song choice and needs to sing something more for her age. Kara is frustrated, probably because hippy-boy isn’t singing tonight. Simon says she needs to tell them what kind of artist she’s going to be. Grade C

5)Didi Benami – "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers – Didi likes to meow before going on stage, ok then. Moving right along. Unlike my beloved bride, I do not like this song. It has been done to death. And this is not working for her. She needs to be more current. Fortunately she’s pretty and has a nice voice and should stick around. RanEllara don’t like it either. Didi gets the karaoke label laid on her too. Simon says she continues the cat theme with her singing and wastes and opportunity. Didi looks ready to bawl and bolt and can’t speak. Cold-hearted me actually feels bad for her. Grade D-

6) Michelle Delamor – “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed – Michelle is the kid’s choir director at her church. Going for the Church Lady vote I see. Michelle is a lovely woman and looks the part of a super star diva (in a good way). This version of the song is not my cup of tea. Randy now is frustrated and says the song fell flat. Why is Ellen commenting on pitch problems? The only thing she knows about ‘pitch’ is when she plays softball. Kara loved it. Wouldn’t go that far. Simon agrees with Kara. Apparently they both got high together during the last break. Grade B-

7) Lilly Scott – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke Lilly likes to play with a little keyboard thingy. Ok let’s get this singing going. I like Lilly and she is playing a 12-string tonight. A singer who can play an instrument goes up a few notches in my book. While I would prefer it to be more upbeat, but I really like it. Randy says she is unique and its his favorite tonight. Ellen says she has “IT” whatever it is. Kara loves it too. Simon gives it a qualified great. Grade A-

8) Katelyn Epperly – “The Scientist” by Cold Play – Katelyn’s secret is that she wants to be a recording engineer, boring. Katelyn seems to be trying to tame that hair tonight. Come on girl let it flow. I love this song but she’s tad boring. Maybe she should go Lady Gaga on it and set it on fire. On the other hand she has good voice and she’s very pretty. Randy likes it but says it was slow, I agree. Ellen tries to be funny. She’s a comedian; shouldn’t she be able to do funny? Ellen also says it was too slow. Kara kinda loves her. Simon liked the choice of song and says it was much better than last week. Grade B-

9) Paige Miles – “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson - Paige’s secret is that she likes to color. But she won’t color outside the lines – boo. I don’t like Kelly Clarkson songs but I like Paige’s performance tonight. Simon appears to have dropped something and is looking under the judges table. That has to be distracting to Paige. Randy was just ok with it. Ellen loved it. Kara plugs herself and pats herself on the back for writing the song – ugh just go away Kara. Simon also says it was the wrong choice. Strangely I agree with Ellen, I liked it. Grade B+

10) Siobhan Magnus – “Think” by Aretha Franklin – Siobhan, the official top pick of Sardonic Catholic Dad, is in the pimp spot tonight, very nice. Glad to know the producers are pumping her up too. Her secret is she had a Mohawk and kinda looked like a boy. There is something cool about seeing a little white girl singing a large black woman’s song and nailing it. Other than her dress looking like it was inside out I loved it all. She has great pipes. How in the heck did she hit the high note? Randy says it was Dope, translation for you old people that’s a good thing for you. Ellen and Kara loved her. Simon calls her such a strange person as a compliment and loved and hated parts of it. - Grade A

Quick prediction of the two to get the boot – Haeley (seriously she needs to be the one to go) but the power of Vote for the Worst could keep her on yet again. And I’m gonna guess Lacey will go home too even though I’d like to see her get another shot. Didi also had a rough time tonight but should be safe.

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 6:00am
Weather: Cloudy, light rain and 34 - blech
Distance: 10.04 miles
Time: 1:27:16
Pace: 8:41
Running Shoes: K-Swiss K-ona
Back Pain: 1
Comments: cold and dreay and an achey lower body. not near as fast as I had hoped

Tralier for the Best New Show Ever!!!!

Some of my favorite Idol alums from last season...Tatiana Del Toro, Nick Mitchell, and Kristen McNamara.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol 2010

Top 10 Guys

In a change up the guys are going tonight instead of the gals as scheduled. It appears that Crystal Bowersox had an unexplained medical issue (best wishes to Crystal one of my favorites). We are hopeful that the sudden change doesn’t make this even more of a disaster than last week. How bad is Tim Urban going to be tonight after losing that extra day of practice?

Alright time for some of the guys (and the gals tomorrow night) to step up and impress the judges and voters. It will be tough there is a very large dearth of challenge in this year’s crop.

5 minutes of mindless banter with the judges. Ellen, who I can’t stand, actually has a few funny lines.

Michael “I Abandon My Wife During Labor” Lynche – “This is a Man’s World” by James Brown – Michael is wearing a black suit. Man he is huge. Where does one get a suit that large? It can’t be off the rack. It is a nice vocal performance by Micheal and he looks comfortable on stage and like he is having a great time. Not my type of song at all but the audience likes him and I’m sure the voters will keep him around for a long while after that performance. And the judges love him too, including Simon the only judge that matters. Michael thanks for setting of the night on a good foot. Grade B+ it would be higher if I liked the song.

John “Token Asian” Park – “Gravity” by John Mayer - Will John give us a better performance than last week or will he try and get by on his pretty-boy looks for another week? Why the lack of upbeat fun songs? Well at least I can get a short nap during his songs. This one is better than last week when I gave him a D- but it’s not terribly original and not as good as the original, not a good thing on Idol. As Randy is want to say, it’s pitchy in places. And speaking of Randy he agrees with me (I rock). And sadly Ellen and Kara agree with me. But I take comfort in the fact that Simon does too. Grade D+

Casey “Kara’s Toy” James – "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw - Will we get Kara and Casey jokes tonight? Does a fish tread water? Casey is rocking the electric guitar tonight. Finally someone rocking out. I may have to change my opinion of Casey, at least a bit. I don’t think he has the nice voice in the world but is it really necessary for a rocker? Ok so far everyone is getting higher grades from me. And once again Randy agrees with me. Should I be worried? The cougar is a bit cranky tonight. Simon doesn’t think he has the grit to be a rocker. Grade B+

Alex “Mullet Boy” Lambert – "Everybody Knows" by John Legend - Man this kid is nervous in his interview. He’s got a guitar which might help but the clothes are scary bad. His voice is quirky, which is fine, but it’s not quirky in a way I like. Worst of the night so far but it is early. He was better than last week and didn’t puke or wet himself from nerves. Randy and I part company as he likes it a lot. So does Ellen and her butch Billy Idol wannabe likes it too and so does the annoying bimbo. Simon thinks he has improved and gives him some advice. Grade C+

Todrick “The Thief” Hall – “What’s Love Got to do With it?” by Tina Turner - Kelly Clarkson? Tina Turner? Does Todrick own any CD’s from dudes? This is so much worse than the original. Why did the judges put the stealer of little kid’s money into the Top 24? I apologize to Alex; this is the worst song of the night. Randy doesn’t love it and says he changes songs to much, no kidding. Billy Idol wannbe is harsh too. Kara doesn’t like it and Simon says he should stick to dancing and not sing. Cool, maybe we will be through with him. Todrick’s only hope is that Tim Urban is hideous again. Todrick was a church singer? Thou shall not steal. Grade F

Jermaine “Who?” Sellers – “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye - Jermaine is wearing footsie pj’s exactly like my 10 year old son’s. In the interview, not the performance. This is like Marvin Gaye light or extra light. Why do people try and sing Marvin? And what’s up with his hair? That was truly bad - the song and the hair. One of the worst performances ever on Idol. Between Todrick and Jermaine, John may have just bought himself another week. And Jermaine won’t shut his trap. Grade F

Andrew “Danny Gokey 2.0” Garcia “You Give me Something” by James Morrison - Andy the dork break dances? Go figure. We are back to the slow boring ballads again. Dude has got to change is look, seriously. One word for this performance – BORING. Randy is not pleased or impressed but tries to make excuses for him since he is one of the Judge’s Chosen One’s. Ellen and Kara are not digging it either. Simon too is frustrated and says his lack of good song choice is becoming a problem - Grade C-

Aaron “Archie 2.0” Kelly – “My Girl” by The Temptations - ok it starts out a bit rough vocally and goes down from there. And he dances like a white boy. He is definitely Archie 2.0 or Archie Light. Randy and Kara like it??? Please guys. Does Aaron have pictures of Kara and Randy together? Or does Kara just like jailbait? Simon brings us back to earth and says he took two steps backwards. Grade D+

Tim “I’m Still in this thing?” Urban – “Come on get Higher” by Matt - I hope for Tim’s sake this isn’t a train wreck like last week. That was painful to watch. While he’s not great this week at least it’s better than last week. I mean I didn’t have to get high to listen to it. The judges rough him up and seem to want him voted off. Except for Simon!!!??? Wow Simon sticks up for him Grade C-

Lee “Sleepy” Dewyze – “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder - Lee is in the pimp spot tonight getting a bit of love from the Idol powers that be. Sounds like Lee was a bad-boy in high school and got sent to reform school. I’m starting to like this guy. I like Lee’s voice and this song. He gets a bit rough around the edges with the high parts and he looks like he's gonna hurl from nerves, but overall one of my favorites. So let’s see what the judges think. RanEllAra liked it and Simon says he has the best vocals of all but he looks terrified up there. Grade A-

Sigh – nothing awesome tonight. Michael and Lee were pretty good and Casey wasn’t bad but that’s about it.

Quick Pick on the 2 to get booted Todrick and Jermaine. Another possibility is John or maybe Tim

Corn Maze for Blondes

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 11:30am
Weather: Cloudy and 37
Distance: 6.22 miles
Time: 57:36
Pace: 9:16
Running Shoes: Asics DS Trainer
Back Pain: 2
Comments: Slow and steady but very sore from yesterdays workout

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's Workout

Time of Day: 12:30pm
Weather: n/a treadmill
Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:06:13
Pace: 8:17
Running Shoes: Newton
Back Pain: 1
Comments: 2 mile warm up at 8:57 pace with some 30 second striders thrown in. 6 X 440y at 6:52 pace with equal distance jog at 8:57 pace. 6 X 220y at 6:30 pace with 220 jog at 8:57 pace. 1.5 mile cool down at an 8:57 pace with 3x30 second striders

A quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America by John Silveira

A quick tour of hyperinflation and the possible consequences for America by John Silveira Issue #122

Demotivational Monday

Because the weekend is over and Mondays are just horrendous