Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maybe I Should Have Married the Baker or the Candlestick Maker

Instead of The Butcher

The first picture is Eric before he was mauled by Sam the Slayer. Look how cute he is. Now look at the after picture. What a train wreck. Obviously he’s still got a cute face; he is my son after all. She could have at least had it done professionally. I mean I am grateful that she saved me some moolah but come on he looks almost as bad as Don King or Carrot Top on a good day.

And no I’m not one of those aging hippies who can no longer grow hair and is trying to live vicariously through my children...ok well maybe I am one of those but that’s beside the point. He looks like he has the mange or as been mauled by a cranky pit bull. Heck he was so traumatized by the haircut that it damaged his eyes.

Well it could have been worse...He could have ended up looking like this kid

But I do think it's a lot worse that my Blogging Sister's bad haircut experience no matter what she says.


Jo Flemings said...

the cure for boys is the 1/4 inch clippers- run ala lawn mower over their heads-its not so bad though really!

Rob said...

yeah we have the clippers. sam actually used them on the poor kid. i use them with no guard to do my hair. the problem is he had such nice hair - sigh

Colleen said...

He looks like a big boy now - so cute!