Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rule of 752

Like Area 51, the Rule of 752 is all about hidden power!!!Take a weekly expense and multiply it by 752. The result is the real cost of that expense over 10 years had you invested the money instead. Can you feel the Power?

Spend $20 on picking up coffee on the way to work each week instead of drinking the free stuff at the office? If invested that would be $15,040.

Eating $25 worth of lard at McFat's for lunch every week? That equals $18,800.

Sucking down $30 worth of suds weekly? $22,560.

Blowing $35 a week on smokes? Well that could buy you a nice car after 10 years. $26,320.

Trim $100 a week from you budget through a combination of things and you will have $75,200 after 10 years. Enough to get all the plastic surgery your heart desires.

You get the idea. Just another way to think of real costs of those little "harmless" purchases.

No I didn't make up the Rule of 752, just passing it on. I believe that Triple M came up with it.

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Free Money Minute said...

Thinking about it this way really gives you pause when you hand over that cash. Looking at it as a factor of how many hours are needed to pay for an expense is another way to put things in perspective. Even if you make $20/hour, a $20 expense can add up to 3-4 hours of work after you consider the taxes and expenses that have to be removed from that work.