Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is it a Popsicle or a Pole?

Christmas Story: Boise boy licks pole, gets stuck
December 8, 2009 - 9:18pm

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - It's become an annual winter tale: A young boy gets his tongue stuck to a metal pole, perhaps as the result of a dare. This year, the scene straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story" unfolded Tuesday morning in Boise with a boy of about 10. Boise firefighters used a glass of warm water to free the unidentified boy from the metal fence pole.

Fire Capt. Bill Tinsley says the boy's tongue was bleeding a little, but he was OK and allowed to continue walking to school. Firefighters estimate the boy was 10 years old.

Rescue workers responded after a woman driving by saw the boy and called 911.

Last year, the unlucky boy was a 10-year-old from Hammond, Ind., especially apt, since the 1983 movie is set in a fictional city based on Hammond.

What's the big deal? What boy hasn't tried this? I got my tongue stuck to a pole back in the early 70's. Did I whine and cry and have the fire department come out and help me? No. I just started panting real hard to warm up the tongue and then yanked it off like a man. Sure I left part of my tongue on the pole and it bled like crazy and well I did cry like a little girl. Oh and I talked with a lisp for weeks and got beat up a lot. But it was well worth it.

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Wayne said...

Is it okay for me to admit that I got my tongue stuck to a pole in high school (during school - I was outside changing the school billboard with my cousin who told me it would stick instantly- I didn't believe him and I hadn't seen "A Christmas Story"). However, I didn't allow him to tell anybody or get any help, so I too just ripped it off, left some tongue on the pole, and tried to go on like everything was okay. Yes, it started bleeding like crazy, but I made it to my next class with no problem. I didn't talk to anybody and I drank plenty water between classes, but it was quite the experience. One that I will never live down. By the way, tongues heal very quickly!!