Thursday, May 20, 2010

21 Years - Whoa

2 reasons I love you for each year we have been married

1. I love your soul
2. I love your face
3. I love your faith
4. I love your mind
5. I love being married to you
6. I love you body
7. I love your optimistic personality...even if it annoys me at times
8. I love that you homeshool our kids
9. I love that you have faith in me
10. I love the taste of the salt on your skin
11. I love waking up in the morning with your hair in my face
12. I love your smile
13. I love your hair...even though you cut it short
14. I love you during labor
15. I love how hot you look when pregnant
16. I love that you stay home with the kids
17. I love that you support my working out
18. I love that you feel safe in my arms
19. I love how you cuddle up next to me in the winter for warmth
20. I love your laugh, the nice one, not the witchy cackle one
21. I love that you don’t like to go shopping
22. I love when you wear blue jeans and diamond stud earrings
23. I love you when you cry
24. I love that you can’t balance a checkbook and might not even know where we bank – that’s trust
25. I love to watch you sleep
26. I love that you don’t call me at work 20 times a day
27. I love how you can nurse a baby and coach a soccer game at the same time
28. I love when you make my lunch for work and put notes in it
29. I love when you rub my shoulders
30. I love when you hug me from behind
31. I love that you are the pick of the litter
32. I love when we pray together
33. I love that we are BFF’s
34. I love your eyebrows
35. I love your warmth
36. I love when you try and do new things on the computer
37. I love that you are more beautiful at 42 then you were at 16 when we met
38. I love how you are selfless
39. I love that I love your more today than the day we were married
40. I love TTN
41. I love that you take care of me when I am sick
42. I love that you are trying to cook better

And a bonus reason:
I love this wedding photo of you


Colleen said...

What a great relationship you have! I had to smile when I read TTN, because I had to ask you what that meant about a year ago, and now my hubs and I say it all the time :)

Jo Flemings said...

Rob, you so totally kill me! I love the list- we can see why SHE married you!

MamaMidwife said...

Is it fit to print what TTN stands for?? I am curious now.

Great list. You two have been blessed with each other. :)

becomewhatyouare said...

What a fabulous post. Congratulations to you both! God continue to bless you!

p.s. love your acronym "TTN" :)

Carole said...

One of the things the Lord loves is the mutual love of a husband and wife. Sirach 25:1

You are very blessed.

Sam said...

TTN= Tonight's the Night...Which is how we say hello, goodbye, I love you, etc...

+The Wife+