Friday, May 7, 2010

What's a Parent of a LC Seminarian to do?

Wait out the reforms, whatever they may be, that are coming? Try and talk them home? "Force" them home? Sigh....

That idiot Maciel really screwed up and caused a lot of pain and suffering across this world (understatement I know). And when are the others in the Legion and in the Vatican who knew what the sociopath-pervert was up too gonna get the hammer dropped on them? Seriously! I'd be more than happy to do it.

Maybe I'm so bitter and p!ssed because I trusted them and let my son go when I could have prevented it (when he was still a minor). I should have known better. The questions about the fruitcake founder have been around for years. Personally my son is doing just fine and his faith and vocation seem as strong as ever...but still...what kind of future will he have in the Legion? If the name is kept they will always be treated as outcasts and lepers by many. And yet there are many good and faithful priests and seminarians in the Legion - which given who their founder was is quite incredible and proof of how the grace of God can function in any place at anytime. It would be a shame to throw away the wheat with the chaff.

I've been reluctant to write about because every Tom, Dick and Harry have been mouthing off about. And a lot of the so called Catholics writing about seem to take great glee in all this and see it as a way to not only kill the Legion (which may be needed) but also to "reform" the church in general and the papacy in particular. And I don't want any part of those different groups of loons...Voice of the "Faithful". National Catholic Reporter etc....

There are no lack of suggestions of ways to reform the Legion (see below for an example) but this is of little comfort or use when you have a son already 2 years into the process of becoming a priest.

Next Acts in the Legionary Drama
May 5, 2010
George Weigel

Over the past year, members and friends of the Legionaries of Christ and its affiliated lay movement, Regnum Christi, have worked hard in trying to “save what can be saved” from the wreckage created by revelations that the founder of these communities, Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, lived a vicious and duplicitous life of moral turpitude for decades, during which he fathered several children; sexually abused seminarians; violated the canons respecting the Sacrament of Reconciliation; deceived popes, curial officials, bishops, his brother Legionaries, and the lay members of Regnum Christi; and funded all of this by the misdirection of contributions given to support the religious work of the communities that called him Nuestro Padre or Nuestro Padre Fundador.

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Maurisa said...

Wow, Rob, I really feel for you and your family. I have been wondering how you've been holding up under the storm. It is heartbreaking to see how so many good and faithful servants of God are having their work befouled by the evil Maciel perpetuated.

Hang in there, your son will come through this. Know that there are many, many folks out there praying for him and his vocation. One of the last things the Holy Father expressed regarding the LC, is that they would not be abandoned.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Rob-- I'll pray for your son. On the plus side, if he's only 2 years in, he might have an easier time transitioning to Diocesan life or to another religous order.

The thing that makes me nuts about all this is that NO ONE was called to join Maciel's order-- God wouldn't call us to be formed by the writings of an evil man, to surrender our conscience, and to submit to his heresies. I swear this whole mess is diabolical.

But, that said, you shouldn't blame yourself. (I know, we're parents. It's what we do!) Most Catholics bought the Legion spin. Now we know better for next time.

You can't force him home. Your only choice is to love him, let you know you love him, and PRAY him home. On the positive side, the Visitor will probably lift restrictions on communication with parents. And he'll DEFINITELY put a stop to the reading of incoming/outgoing mail and the monitoring of phone and internet. So you'll be able to communicate more freely.

My heart aches for everyone caught up in this mess (I know many.) But at the same time, I can't see a way forward for the Legion as Legion-- All those men actually had vocations elsewhere.

Some of them were taught that MISERY is a sign that they've answered God's call. Maciel's hatred of God tainted EVERYTHING.

Then why were there still good works? I tend to think of Lewis's Last Battle-- remember the young Prince who served Tash, but did his best to be an honorable man? So he was really serving Aslan w/o knowing it?

Well, some of the men of LC WERE trying to serve Christ as best they could-- and Christ meets us where we are, even if we've gotten sucked into a madman's pseudo-Catholic cult!

My biggest wish for the guys still caught up in this, especially the ones still claiming that Maciel was just a 'imperfect instrument' who drew 'crooked lines' is that someday they look back on their detour into LC as that, a detour-- like Augustine's time in the manichees....

I'm praying for you all. (Esoecially for the intercession of St. Michael in this mess!)

Kim said...

Rob--Thanks for sharing!
God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Our nephew/godson has been in since he was 12. He's a good kid, very devout, as I'm sure yours is.

We'll continue to pray.

Jenn Morson said...

Rob - You and Sam have been in my prayers throughout this whole thing. While I am one who thinks that the Legion might require a shutdown, I think that your son is a wonderful gift to the Church - and what a strong foundation he must have to his vocation - a testament again to your parenting.

I just learned that an old college acquaintance has left the Legion - he's on the news a lot - Father Jonathan Morris. There's some more info at:

The thing is, my parents and I'm sure a billion other people can tell you how easy it is to make mistakes in the name of faith. You are blessed and God will give you the grace to weather this storm.

Love to you all - Jenn

Katie said...

Rob - We too have been wondering how you and Sam have been doing with all of this. Thank you for sharing, honestly.

We are praying for you guys and for Josh. It is an ugly situation, but God can bring beauty from it. I do not have any words of wisdom, nor do you need to hear my opinion on the situation, just know we are all praying.

CB said...

My heart goes out to you. I was once involved in a university situation in which concerns were raised about the LC/RC. God love those beautiful kids who gave their lives........but MM was the most fraudulent of frauds. Would not receive last rites.

I think the road ahead is going to be hard.

But many vocations within are probably real. And anything really given to God (not coerced) will not be wasted.

Come Holy Spirit, we are going to need a lot of help here...

Rachel said...

Man, Rob, that all just sucks. I know so many people here who were really thrown for a loop over this whole thing. I mean, heck, the Southern LC offices are in Atlanta! Needless to say they have been a huge influence in this Archidocese. Though that is all changing and there are some parishes here that want them and all their programs out! They seem worried about the 'cultic' way LC/RC runs their organization. I have a reallly good friend who joined RC just before the news broke and she's staying in...tho...I think that is kinda not good, but whaddya gonna do? Then I have a few friends who left so fast that there was an audible whooshing sound of air at the rapidity of their departure.
The best thing is most likely to just pray that God plants
Josh just where he wants him to grow. You and Sam are awfully great parents, so I can't see this ending badly.