Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arby's Curly Fries Update

After my munchies attack the other day while running and the scarfing down of the Curly Fries, I emailed Arby's the same story I posted here. Here is the response I got today from them.

Dear Rob;

Thank you for your comments. Our customer’s input and comments are always welcome and very important to us. We use this information to guide the decisions we make about our brand and our products.

Thank you again.


Arby’s Customer Relations

What a let down. No coupons for free product. No offers to stay in Arby's commercials or Fear Factor and eat other weird things. I could see a whole new reality series about runners who are forced to eat things they find while out on the roads running. No book deals to write about my life as a Running Curly Fry Eater. No movie deal to play a ridiculously good-looking Vampire who has given up human blood sucking and only eats Arby's Curly Fries in order not to upset his human girlfriend.


The Krazy Girl said...

Recently, some smarty pants cook at Runza gave me ONE fry in my large order of fries. I didn't realize it until I got home.(One fry in the wrapper....ONE) I was super mad at the time and called and complained. I can see the humor in it now, barely:)

Sam said...

your fame will spread as the most wonderful husband in the world!!!

the donk said...

ah man, you had to go and put me into that charities post didnt ya... now i gotta give some money... sisters all over the world are expecting it now!!!!


PS... by SISTERS i didnt mean the girls i grew up with in whiskey bottom... just wanted to clarify... ;)

Thos said...

I like the reality show idea. I think you could an element: runners peeing in the most conspicuous of places, disregarding all rationality or social norms.

So there you have it. Runners peeing in public and eating gross food off the pavement, all to get to the finish line in under 6 hours.


Roger said...

And Arby's wonders why they are iin fifth place on the fast food chain. Sheesh! They should show you some love, especially in the form of hot and fresh curly fries, I mean how hard could that be?