Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Thing They Aren't Brass Monkeys

For some bright reason the younger boys, Dominic (7) Robert (8) and Joey (10), decided they wanted to sleep in a tent in the backyard one night over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

And for some reason my bride decided an adult needed to sleep out there. We do live in the 'wilds' of the Washington DC suburbs. So I guess she was worried about a rabbit nibbling their toes or a squirrel stealing their nuts. And of course there is the goatman you lives in the wood on the outskirts of our town, but I'm pretty sure he's a vegan. So, you guessed it, she slept out there. Yeah you thought I was going to sleep out there?! Sam didn't even bother to ask. My idea of roughing it is tap instead of bottled water. Rob Don't Camp!

It doesn't get real cold here but it did go down to 30 that night. So the boys must have put on just about every piece of clothing they owned. Joey had on 4 pairs of socks and 5 shirts. Plus he but on 3 pair of underwear, 2 pairs of pants and 2 pair of shorts...he must really be trying to protect something. Dominic out did them all. The next morning he counted his socks as he took them off; 10 on one foot and 11 on the other. Little momma, who is always cold, was all bundled up and snuggled up with the boys on the nice cold and hard ground. Barbara (12) joined them around midnight after wathcing a movie.

They did run a power cord to the tent and setup and radio and a light...why they didn't bring out an electric heater is beyond me. But I give them credit, they stayed out there the entire night.

Me? I slept in our nice king-sized bed. The one with the flannel sheets, electric blanket and down comforter...I was actually sweating.


Kindas said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You have some brave kids.

momto5minnies said...

Your wife is a better woman than I.

Dawn said...

I love your last sentence! That would be me. My boys tried this one until they heard a dog start barking and they came running in..so much for my manly men.