Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Ads From the Good Old Days

You aren't big-boned or have a gland problem, you are just Chubbie. I wonder how that ad campaign worked out?

Now we know who Miley Cyrus' role model was growing up

Alas Mother's Day has already past. But there is always next year

If Santa says they are good for you then they must be

Not really sure, I think the Supreme Court is still reviewing that issue

I like coffee as much as the next guy - probably more - but I would never spank Sam for buying the wrong coffee, wrong beer yes, but coffee no

New Mothers, Babies, Beer and Nursing...doesn't get much better than that. Plus with enought beer in the house baby #2 will be on the way in no time.

The 70's were awful in many ways. Of course Levis is a San Fransisco based company

Today is the first day. So light up and enjoy

Don't forget to smoke after eating the Bacon-Pancakes

I also am an understanding husband

The librarians didn't look like that when I was a kid...heck I might have gone to the library more if they did


wife said...

watch it
glad your back
i guess

laurazim said...

My gosh, these are hysterical!! Reminds me of the Gallery of Regrettable Foods...............

And for the record--I must fit the "chubby" category. My 4-year-old has told me, "Mama....*sigh*....I just love your pudge..."