Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today's Workouts

Weather: 80 and sunny
Time of Day: 11:30am
Distance: 6.06 miles
Time 53:13 Pace: 8:47
Running Shoes: Newton Running Shoes
Hip/Back Pain: 3
Comments: Great day for running. Warm out but a bit lower humidity than we have been having. Basically a great day to work up a good sweat without dropping dead from a heat-stroke. Hip is slowly improving along with the back. I do to my "Voodoo Doc" tomorrow to have my hip worked on.

My Hip Flexors (Top of thigh where the thigh meets the torso) really started hurting on a run back in early March. I had x-rays and a MRI to check for a fracture - those were negative. Chiropractor worked on them. I've done: ice, heat, stretching, strengthening exercises etc...I finally found this Voodoo Doc (really a massage therapist) who has been digging in and working out the kinks and sore spots in my hips, back, hamstrings, quads and other places that can't be mentioned on a family blog. It has been a slow road back to recovery. But I think I am headed in the correct direction. I got in 45 miles last week while at the beach and feel halfway decent.

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