Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello, Remember Me?

Hi I am Rob and I used to Blog here....once upon a time.....

Since I was last here:

- my running has been in the toilet. Missed 6 weeks in March/April due to a hip injury. I have been back running since last May. ABout 85 days in a row but mileage only around 5-8 miles per day.

-Josh came home from the Seminary a few weeks ago and starts classes Monday morning at community college. He aslo bought a car and is working part-time.

-Mary fell off her bunk bed at 4am this mornig and broke her leg. We were at the ER from 4:30-7am.

-I did get a good run in after the trip to the ER

-Lizzie is 16 today and we are having a Sweet 16 Party today.


Maurisa said...

Oh, poor Mary! Be sure to give her lots of ice cream! Happy 16 th, Elizabeth.

Rob said...

Sam and I are eating all the ice cream, we are the ones who can't take naps today and catch-up on our sleep :p

Katie said...

Good to see you back Rob!! Are you just blogging now so that you can get more hits on your blog than Sam is getting on hers?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, from Sam's last post about so many home in the household, at least you have help- in theory. I HAVE MISSED YOUR BLOG! I hope we will hear alot more from you now that all seems right with the world, eh?

I am so sorry about the broken leg...I hope she is not in too much pain and that everyone gets a great night's sleep tonight!