Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's Workouts

Weather: 63 with crisp air, going up to 95 later today
Time of Day: 5 am
Distance: 7.06 miles
Time 1:04:27
Pace: 9:07 per mile
Running Shoes: Brooks Axiom 3 - I do not like these shoes. They are advertised as light-weight training shoes but they weigh 11 ounces and feel like boats. Fortunately I got them on a closeout sale so they weren't too expensive. I'll run in them a few times a month and eventually get to 300 miles at which point I'll ditch them
Comments: So to easy run in nice weather. My legs are still beat-up from Sunday's race but are slowly getting better. They should be fine by the end of the week...maybe...I hope

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