Saturday, February 11, 2012

Harvard names a restroom after an interesting alum donation

WASHINGTON - Professional sports teams often play in stadiums emblazoned with corporate monikers, but there's a new trend in the sale of naming rights: bathroom stalls.
A growing number of colleges and universities are getting some financial relief by naming restrooms after people who make large donations. Even the Harvard Law School now has a restroom named after alum.
William Falik, a Harvard Law School graduate, donated $100,000 to his alma mater. And yes, the pronunciation is exactly the same as the term used in Freudian psychology....." 

What a great new way for schools to get more money, as if the $50,000 a year Harvard charges wasn't enough, got a potty or body part for a name? Get a can named after you. What's next? The sink? Toilet Paper holders (that would seem appropriate at some colleges-stock them with the diplomas)? How about the Tampon machines? The Bertha Butz toilet seat. Ugo's Urinal. Paula's Plunger.

Every John, Dick and Harry must be rejoicing. Not to mention the Peters, Johnson's and Butkas'.

I wonder if you have to use your own name. Or could I have a urinal named after someone else? Like the name a star scam. Who you ask....oh I don't know who....maybe something like the Pelosi Potty.....or the Clinton Crapper....the Obama Outhouse......just thinking out loud. Or how about:: the Newt Necessary......the Romney Restroom.....the Santorum Shi...on second thought Santorum sounds like an euphemism for a bathroom all by itself.

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