Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking for skinnier skinny jeans? Try meat leggings

Maybe I should wear these for the Boston Marathon. It would sure make it eaiser for Sam to find me among the 27,000 other runners. Now all I need is a top to go with it.


"WASHINGTON - For those trying to find something skinnier than jeggings, search no more. A new pant goes straight down to the skin, and even farther.
Leggings designed to look like human muscle are now available at Australian-based clothing website The polyster/elastane pants will surely be the envy of all who appreciate skin-tight accoutrement......"

Maybe this shirt would work with it


Maurisa said...

Hahahaha! Those are gross! Glad to see you back.

Ryan L said...

We waited 15 months for this!?!