Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Workout

Weather: 60, Sunny and breesy
Time of Day: 11:00am
Distance:14.23 miles
Time: 1:57:09
Pace: 8:14
Running Shoes: Nike Lunar Fly 2's in Black and Grey
SCD Running Shoe Ranking: 8
Comments: Awesome progression (progressively faster). 3 mile w/u (8:53, 8:44, 8:36). 10 mile progression run; decreasing each mile by 10 seconds per mile with last 3 miles at marathon pace, half-marathon pace, 10k pace. goal splits with actual in parentheses 8:50 (8:42), 8:40 (8:35), 8:30 (8:24), 8:20 (8:16), 8:10 (8:07), 8:00 (7:50), 7:50 (7:43), 7:40 (7:37), 7:20 (7:20), 7:05 (6:58). Last mile hurt a bit. 1.23 cool down at 9:21 stumbling pace.
Sure it might take me 5 minutes to get out of bed tomorrow and of course I'll be stumbling around like a drunk old man during the day until my legs loosen up. And so what if the living room was spinning for an hour after the run, it was like a free carnival ride...Bonus! And never mind that today is Ash Wednesday and it was a fast day (note to self - you can run 14 miles on a cup of yogurt and 4 shots of espresso). It. Was. Totally. Worth. It.

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