Friday, September 10, 2010

Pet Peeve Phriday

Overused Phrases and Words that need to go. Can we agree to get rid of these. What ones would you like to add?

Team Building
Action Items
New Paradigm
Think Outside the Box
Out of Pocket
Significant Other
Take that offline
Back in the day
Old School
It is what it is
Not so Much
Just Sayin'

On the other hand maybe I need to engage in some Team Building with my family, including my Significant Other, and show them how Epic it was Back in the Day when we rocked it Old School. First I better make a list of Action Items, that will take awhile so I will be Out of Pocket for awhile working on a New Paradigm. But I would probably Fail, Just Sayin'. Oh well, It is what it is.


Anna B. said...

Think outside the box, but within the circle!..

wife said...

glad your back+