Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today's Workouts

Weather: 65, dry and breezy
Time of Day: 6:30 am
Distance: 13.13 miles
Time: 1:57:08
Pace: 8:55 per mile
Running Shoes: Nike Lunar Racer2. Another minimalist type shoe like the Saucony Kinvara's I wore the other day. The Lunar Racer's and Kinvara's are my two favorite shoes out my current 9-shoe rotation. Yes nine pairs of running shoes. After all I have my image as The Imelda Marcos of Running Shoes to live up to. These are another pair of very light weight shoes good for racing or training. They held up well on my longish run this morning. Feet felt great after-wards.
SCD Running Shoe Ranking: 9. 9 is about as good as its gonna get cause I can't imagine every giving a shoe a 10.

Comments: Quads are still a bit sore from last Sunday's race but are manageable. This was my first run over 10 miles in about 2 months. Felt good to go for almost 2 hours. This will have to become a weekly occurrence if I am gonna survive the Philly marathon in November.

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