Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's Workouts

Weather: 72 and muggy. Felt like it was gonna rain the whole way but sadly it never did.
Time of Day: 7:30 am
Distance: 7.41 miles
Time 1:06:40
Pace: 9:00 per mile
Running Shoes: Brooks Axiom 3
SCD Running Shoe Ranking: 4
Comments: Sweaty mugging run. If it's gonna be that humid out the lest it could do is rain. Left quad still very sore from race.

Yesterday's run

Weather: 65 and not too humid
Time of Day: 7:30 am
Distance: 7.21 miles
Time 1:03:34
Pace: 8:49 per mile
Running Shoes: Saucony Tangent 3's - A great lightweight shoe with a bit of stability in the arch. Not as light as some of the shoes I have but a good all around shoe
SCD Running Shoe Ranking: 8

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