Friday, September 17, 2010

Pet Peeve Phriday

Ok so I have already done one post on bad baby names but this is topic that is always getting new 'winners'.

My daughter Cecilia (a nice saints name by the way) goes to a kindergarten program 2 days a week for some help with her speech (not her swearing her annunciation). In her class is a girl named Princess and one named Blessing! Seriously! For real! These are these poor kids names.

Sure they might turn out to be normal kids and adults but why take the change with names like that? It's hard enough to raise good kids.

Who is going to want to date, hangout with, or hire a person with a name like Blessing or Princess? How high maintenance are these girls gonna be? Only will time will tell but if I was a betting man I'd have to go with higher maintenance than a spoiled rich sorority girl or a Ford Pinto.

Do parents actually consider the power of a name and what it will do to a child? I admit that I wanted to name one of our kids Zephaniah (a boy not a girl) but my lovely bride talked me out of it.

Heaven help the men who get stuck married to these two future Diva's in training.

On the plus side maybe they could be wide receivers for a NFL team when they grow up.


Maurisa said...

Chris wanted to name #7 Septimus. Our boys, although they have great saint names, have pretty unusual ones, especially their middle names--Augustine, Ambrose, and now Athanasius. They'lll have to be tough boys.

There is a pair of sisters at our ballet school who are named Story and Dream. Yep. I'd like to know that thought process.

Rob said...

those saints names are Cool......Dream, Story, Princess and Blessing are stupid

laurazim said...

True story: I had a friend who named her first daughter Pixie. Pixie Bella.

Hope the poor girl has no weight/body image issues when she grows up........