Sunday, March 16, 2008

I came not to bring peace but a sword

Reflections on Palm Sunday

So we all slept until around 9am this morning which made the morning rush to get everyone in the van by 9:30 for Mass more challenging then usual. 30 minutes to get 10 kids dressed, hair and teeth brushed and out the door. I did my part by getting myself showered and dressed without bothering Sam. I did help out by occasionally shouting for everyone to hurry up and get in the van or I'd tear their faces off. As usual it all worked out and we made it to 10am mass at 9:45 - my OCD 'must be at everything early' was in full force - not sure what they would all do without me. Robert (8) had all ready gone to church early since he was singing in the children's choir - holy little bugger.
Dominic (6) was sitting next to me and wanting a cross made out of his palms. So Caleb (15) and I made him one during the first 2 readings. Don't worry I still paid attention to the readings...they were about God. Anyway it took Dominic all of 2 minutes to turn the cross around and hold it like a sword and start jabbing and slashing with it. I'm sure he was imitating St Michael and not Captain jack Sparrow.
But the kids all survived the seemingly 2 day long gospel reading. Of course the threat of losing donuts after church always helps. Never mind the fact that the donuts had been canceled, they didn't know that yet. Nothing like seeing your kids shout "Crucify him! Crucify him!" to warm a fathers heart (insert rolling eyes emotioncon here). None of the kids freaked too much upon finding out that they were they are getting holier by the minute...
The rest of the day...well lunch, watched The Incredibles, some basketball and The Nativity Story. Sam and I went for walk and then she road a bike and kept me company while i ran. The hot little momma did great.

Peace Out

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Cecilia 'Sam' said...

Very excited to see my husband share his great spiritual humor with the world. Not to mention the richness of our balanced family!!! +JMJ+your bride and best friend sam