Monday, March 31, 2008

What happens when Mom is doing errands and Dad is in charge

Mary: (4) “dad, Joey (10) colored all over Robert (8) with a pen”.

Me: “He what”?!

Mary: “Joey colored on Robert’s chest and butt with a pen”.

Me: “Robert get down here”!

A few minutes pass and I’ve forgotten about the incident.
Robert hollers at me that he’s going to take a shower. Light bulb goes on.

Me: “Robert come here for second”.

Robert: “Yes dad”.

Me: “Why are you taking a shower”? (asked as I’m starring at his face that has pen markings on it)

Robert: “Joey colored on my face”.

Me: “Anywhere else”?
Robert: “And on my chest and legs”.

Me: “Anywhere else”?

Robert: “No”.

Me: “Mary said Joey colored your butt”.

Robert: “Yeww Dad, that’s gross”!

For the record, Robert's tushie was ink free.

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