Thursday, March 27, 2008

There is no place like home

Home safe from New Hampshire. Another 550 miles of driving. Just over 9 hours. Only 3 stops this time for coffee, gas, food, and coffee recycling.The boys were actually well behaved. Lots of wet and dirty laundry. The boys each showered at least once while they were up there. They also brushed their teeth daily and they might even have changed their underwear once or twice.
We had a good visit with Josh. Snow every where up there. Lots of fun and games and good food. My arm is dead from snowball fights and dodgeball.
Robert was the star of the week. All the big kids at the school loved him. He was like their mascot.

A re-telling of a conversation from Easter Sunday evening on the way home from my sisters house.

Joey (10 and should be a blonde): "Mom I lost my necklace".

Sam: "That's ok, we will call Aunt Chrisse when we get home and see if you left it at her house".

....a few minutes pass....

Joey: "Never mind I found it........It was around my neck

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