Monday, March 17, 2008

It was the best of times it was the worst of times – don’t you just hate it when people start stories like that? How stinking clichéd can you get…
Anyway it’s Monday which is always a Tale of Two Emotions type of day. On the one hand part of me is happy to be going back to work for some peace and quiet and to get away from the potty trainee who goes potty everywhere but in the toilet. But I get kinda lonely on Monday mornings at work. Weird, I know. After two days of all the commotion and running around, all the fights and fun, all the meals and spills, all the mess and all the mess and all the mess (none of which is my fault of course)…you start to get used to the craziness and realize it’s normal. It’s just the way things are at our house. The quietness of the workplace is actually strange, creepy strange.
That’s what makes this new job so good. I get to work from home 2 days a week (anymore and someone might get their lungs ripped out). So Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I’m at home. One day at work, one day at home etc…best of both worlds. This new job has truly been a blessing so far.
Now to get back to work so I can keep this cool gig.

Today is: St. Patrick’s Day or is it? For all I know the liturgical ‘experts’ in this country have moved it to Ascension Thursday – I hear that date is free. Anyway being an Italian German American and married to an Irish Lass makes for an interesting day. I would normally wear all black today just to be annoying. But just to show how much I have grown, I’m wearing green boxer-briefs…so there.
Today is also: “Campfire Girls Day”, “Freedom of Information Day”, and “Well-Elderly Day” enjoy!

Peace Out

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Matt Federoff said...

I'm the father of 9...soon to be 10...and I get the "Monday blues" office is sane, staff is there doing what I need them to do....

but I miss home, with the noise, chaos....and life. It's where I'm happiest, ultimately.