Wednesday, March 19, 2008

“My name’s not Grace…” Morris Day and the Time

Is it possible to lose all the grace one has received from going to confession and receiving the Eucharist over the weekend by the following Tuesday?

Since it’s lent we (well Sam really) have been trying to get ALL the kids to daily mass as much as possible. We figure all the regulars at daily Mass should have to suffer too, it’s lent after all.
Yesterday I was working from home so I decided to grace them with my presence too. Got all the kids loaded into the Family Truckster (if you haven’t seen the movie Vacation you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog) by 7:52am for the 8:00am mass. So far so good. Only problem is the van wouldn’t turn over, dead battery. I notice that the van door wasn’t shut tightly because Caleb had put a carpet in it the night before. So the dome lights must have been on all night hence the dead battery. So after a few minutes of blowing my top and letting Caleb have it, and putting myself in a bad mood, I decide to jump start the sucker. Takes about 5 minutes of being hooked up to the Suburban (the small car) for the van to finally turn over and start. That’s when I notice that the hazard lights are on and probably had been since Sunday morning after we got home from Mass. So Caleb was right when he said he shut the door all the way after putting the carpet in…man I hate it when they are right…

My Graceometer is dangerously low.

Hopefully the battery isn’t dead dead and the charge holds. Otherwise I’m going to have to go buy a new battery and put it in. First I’m having my brother the cop dust the hazard light switch for finger prints and find out which one of the kids it was and then they are paying for it out of their savings accounts.
I have a sneaky suspicion it was Cecilia (2). Which shouldn’t be too hard to prove. Her prints are already on file with the local police, the FBI and Interpol. She is into everything. If there is makeup (Sam's not mine) all over the bathroom be assured Cecilia was around. If there is poop any place other than the toilet, Cecilia has been through the area.
If Cecilia aka Hunter was in a Steel-Cage Death-Match with Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer and Sarah Connor, my money would be on Hunter to be the last one standing.

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