Thursday, July 2, 2009

Extraordinarily Evil?

Am I the only one that finds Bernie Madoff’s sentence of 150 years just a tad excessive? Everyone seems to be rejoicing that he’s going to rot in jail until he’s dead, and then some. Dude is something like 70+ years old. How long do we think he’s going to last in prison? Let the punishment fit the crime doesn’t seem to matter when the media gets its panties in a bunch and has it out for you.

150 years?! Rapists, murders and child molesters rarely get that much. Old Bernie would have been better off killing an ex-wife and her lover ala OJ Simpson or maybe he should have just started a dog fighting ring. Bernie just had the unfortunate circumstance not to have been born in the projects and been beaten as a child, that kind of upbringing would have gotten him off with a small fine, some community service and enrolled in a personal enrichment program.

Sure he fleeced some people out of their money and sure it was said to be about $65 Billion dollars. A large number to be sure by anyone’s standards – well except for that Messiah Wannabe over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That dude spends money faster than a sailor in a Singapore Bar & Brothel. But what Bernie did seems to be very common in the investment community (no offense Wall Street). Not to mention the political community (none of those guys have ever over-promised and fleeced voters-right). This is like locking up a serial jaywalker for 10 years.

And just what were the people thinking who invested with him? Haven’t they ever heard the expression “if it seems too good to be true it probably is”? Bernie was promising and ‘showing’ such high returns on investment money that people just turned green with greed. They had to have some suspicions that what Bernie was telling them they were making wasn’t kosher. And no I’m not saying they got what they had coming but really they should have known better. These were rich people that had to have had some brains in their heads. I mean they didn’t get that rich by being morons. And yes I think Mr. Madoff should be punished. Just not so excessively. How about a huge fine and a billion hours of community service helping the poor and old get a handle on their finances. There are millions of people out there who are unemployed, being foreclosed on and have more credit card debt than I have running shoes. Or since he’s good at raising investment money maybe he could help me raise some money for my latest business venture; renting out children to undecided prospective parents.

But to have the judge call you “Extraordinarily Evil” is a bit of reach, more like you basic everyday evil it seems to me. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Jerry Springer, Nancy Pelosi…now that’s Extraordinarily Evil incarnate. But old Bernie, I don’t think so. And what about the hypocrisy of his prosecutors? After all they all work for the Federal government who runs the largest Ponzi scheme ever created. You might know it better as the Social Security System. Not to mention the billions and trillions that the Feds owe to US citizens, foreigners and their respective governments; and have no way possible to ever pay it back – short of just printing up a pile of $100 bills and shipping them over to the Chinese in one of the many empty cargo ships sitting around our docks. Hey they would love that. Maybe they would keep the flow of lead painted toys and gizmos coming.


Josephus Flavius said...

You kill one or two people. Quite evil. You spend over 4 decades every day knowing you could destroy the lives of thousands of people through your deception and I think there is a special place for you.

TheSeeker said...

I'm with you on this one. Ridiculous. Our justice system is seriously warped. For example, I know someone who hired a hitman and only served 2 or 3 months...I know someone who stole some things and was sentenced to years and years of prison. We care more about things than people these days. It makes me sad.

momto5minnies said...

I'm scratching my head on this one too.
Has anyone ever lived to the ripe age of 150?

The Krazy Girl said...

I think the punishment was meant to send a message to others on Wall Street. Of course he wont live to serve the time. I think thats what people wanted.

I agree that his victims were probably being greedy. But, he was far more greedy than his victims.

At least we live in a civil enough country that he wasn't drug out into the street and beaten to death.