Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Workouts

7 mile trail run at lunch time wearing my Asics Trail Attack running shoes. Steamy and muggy on the trails but shaded.

Wildlife count: 5 deer and 3 woodchucks, 1 of whom I almost stepped on. He must have had his iPod on too high. Another one came charging down the trail like he was going to attack.


Jess said...

Those woodchucks are bizarre. A couple weeks ago my husband was walking the baby around the side of the house and he came upon Agatha (the giant woodchuck who lives in the backyard) trying to chew Jethro's (the wimpy woodchuck who lives in the front yard) throat out. My husband yelled at them and Agatha let go, and then Jethro charged up the driveway right at the two of them.

Before my husband could figure out his balance to kick the living daylights out of Jethro without dropping the baby, Jethro turned and dove into a bush.

So watch out for those guys.

As a side note, what's with calling them "woodchucks" instead of "groundhogs"? I get made fun of if I call them "groundhogs," but I seem to recall February 2nd being Groundhog Day, not Woodchuck Day.

Rob said...

ok Jess i'm kinda taking your advice. see today (fridays) workout post of mine