Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rosaryville 50k (31 miles) Trail Race

Rosaryville 50k Trail Run
Upper Marlboro, MD

I decided to do this race last Wednesday. Main reasons were; it would be a good catered training run and it was only 20 minutes from my house. I figured I was going to run 25+ miles for my long run this week anyways, so I might as well do a 31 mile run on some trails instead of pounding out all those miles on asphalt. Plus this way someone else would be providing all the food and drink for me. Also it was only $35 which is a nice price for a race.

I didn’t bother to taper or rest up much for the race since it was to be a training run. I just wanted to get some time on the trails and figure out how to run and eat at the same time. I did hydrate a bit more yesterday and take a few salt pills. I got up at 4:30 this morning, mainly so I could eat a few hours before the race. Had a pb&j, coffee and Gatorade. Then I just hung out for awhile. I left the house at 6 and headed down to the race for the 7am start. Signed-up, paid my money and then hung out for awhile.

The race start time was listed as 7am. There was also a 10k, 15k and 25k option. They started each race 5 minutes apart; going from shortest to longest race. They started a tad late but nothing too bad. The 50k peeps (there were 52 of us) got off at 7:20. The first half mile or so was on a road to the trail head. We then were to do 3-10 mile loops through the Rosaryville State Park. There were 2 aid stations on the course, roughly every 5 miles. The trails were very nice, mainly packed dirt and well shaded. No rocks. The course was advertised as mainly flat but it wasn’t. But that was a good thing. It wasn’t supper hilly but all the up and down was actually good for the legs – got to use different muscles. The trails were well maintained and open to the public. So there were a few mountain-bikers, people on horseback and other runners/hikers to watch out for. The trails were mainly single-track so passing had to be done with care.

I started off slowly for the first loop and then about an hour in loosened up and started to feel perky. I picked up the pace and then halfway through the second loop I settled in behind a couple running slower than I was but I decided to stay behind them for awhile and chill. I followed them for about a half an hour and then passed them. After 2 laps someone the aid station people said I was in 13th which sounded cool to me. Most of the time I was running alone and we were all strung-out on the course so I had no idea where I was really.

By this time the day was heating up and getting a bit muggy (thankfully we were shaded for most of the run). I was going through 32 ounces of fluid every 5 miles.

On the third and final lap I just tried to run steady. I passed one person halfway through the loop and towards the end I saw 2 other people up ahead (this was at around the 29 mile mark) so I picked up the pace and passed both of them. The last half mile was out on the open road and back to the starting area. The sun felt brutal but it was probably only around 85 and not super humid for this time of year. But after the shaded woods it felt hot. I looked back a few times to make sure no one was going to catch me.

I had hoped to finish somewhere in the 5 – 5 1/2 hour range. I really had no idea what to expect though time-wise. Sam and Joey, Robert and Dominic had driven down for the finish so they were they cheering. I crossed the line around 5:03 and change and I was 8th place overall (I think).

This was a first time event and it was well run. Low-key but had everything you would need. Well stocked aid stations, good trails, nice t-shirt etc…I would run it again.


momto5minnies said...

So nonchalant ...

"Honey, I think I might just do a marathon this weekend".


Rick said...

Best summed up by the timeless words of General McAuliffe during the Battle of the Bulge:


Maurisa said...

Ah, that's why you were not at Mass with your lovely bride at 10 am. You missed seeing how much happier my husband is now that I am home. You know, he actually starved while I was on vacation and lost 10 pounds! That will soon be remedied!