Monday, July 6, 2009

Najor Announcenent

The 'M' key has fallen off ny laptop. Using it is now a royal pain in the butt. In order to nake ny life easier I shall be using the 'N' key as a replacenent.

Please adjust your reading of ny posts accordingly. I an sorry for any trouble this ny cause you.

A special apology to San, Non to Five Ninnies, The Non, Narissa, Nary and any others whose nean parents put a letter fornally known as 'M' in your nane.

Nadia, Nancy, Nathan, Nick and Nero, you guys are all ok.

Now I just have to figure out what to with all ny upconing posts naking fun of Obana. It could get old typing Obana over and over again.


Rachel said...

thanks for giving me such a good laugh before noon.

Rob said...

You are welcone ny sister fron another nother. This falling off “M” key is naking ne crazy.

the Mom said...

I will be content to be "The Non" for now, but you need to get this fixed pronto! If you need assistance, I happen to know a Computer Guy...

Maurisa said...

Narrisa is not the worst I've been called :-)

Here's to fixing the "m" and soon!