Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life with Cecilia aka Hunter

Can be interesting at times to say the least

Pre-dinner conversation with Cecilia (age 3) last night

Cecilia (in the bathroom going potty) yelling "someone come wipe me"

Me "what did you go?"

Cecilia "I went pee"

Me "Then wipe yourself"

Cecilia "I don't want to have to wash my hands again before dinner so I want you to wipe me"


Cecilia has out grown her naps, kinda. This basically means she is a monster most of the afternoon and then falls asleep right before dinner for an hour and then can't fall asleep at night until 10pm and is always coming downstairs and annoying us with requests for food, stories, a can of beer etc...


Cecilia is going to the local public school system's special ed school two afternoons a week for a pre-school program for help with her speech - not that we really want to understand some of the things that come out of her mouth. And no that rather beefy woman is not Sam. She is the bus aide. And yes we actually put our precious little 3 year old on the short bus with that tattooed-up woman. For the record Cecilia did not try and bum a smoke from her.


This morning for some unknown reason Cecilia decided to take a black marker (the permanent kind) and 'color' her momma's favorite family picture. On the plus side, at least she wasn't sniffing the marker. Cecilia would be the cute blonde kid in the lower right. And no it won't come off and yes maybe we should have replaced the glass...whatever


Yet despite all this she can be incredibly cute at times.


Jo Flemings said...

Oh well. I feel your pain. I too have many, many pictures without glass in them and a number of stuff ruined by kids under age 5. Nothing is sacred and nothing is safe!
I tell mine, in low ominous tones, if you weren't so cute you would never survive...

Anna B. said...

My daughter would cut out the faces of my favorite pics and make collages of her own to tape to her bedroom walls...