Friday, September 20, 2013

Tip of the Day

Stop trying to impress other people. The only ones that matter are: God, your spouse and your family. The others are just window dressing and hanger on's.

You don’t need a big fancy house, an expensive European car, designer clothes and shoes, an iPhone (droids are better anyway), or a $75 haircut. While there is nothing wrong with theses things, you should only get them if you want them for yourself and can afford them. Don't get them to impress other people (you probably don't like those people that much anyway).

Why are we always complementing people on their new stuff? It gives the wrong impression. Telling someone in financial trouble, how much you like their new car, iPad (yes I'm picking on Apple), expensive shoes...just encourages their overspending.

Get your sense of self-worth from being a child of God, not from stuff or other people's opinions.

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