Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol '09

Adam vs. Kris, Rock-God vs. Humble Pie. Who will win. Adam is the presumed front-runner but Kris may be peaking at just the right time. Plus I gotta think Danny Gokey’s voters will be more likely to support Kris than Adam.

Show Time.
All our judges are dressed up. Randy looks a bit like a Black Bozo the Clown but not in a bad way. Kara is going with the always elegant black look, Paula is glowing, literally, in a fluorescent lime green dress and a freshly applied spray-tan, even Simon has risen to the occasion and is wearing a sport coat. All and all they don’t look to bad at all. Plus I’ve spent all season ripping them so it’s about time I acted a bit nice.

Tons of former idolettes in the house tonight.

Adam song #1 – A repeat of his Mad World. A performance that I loved. But why the repeat? Is that normal for the finals? Fog, cool clothes, a touch of make-up…he looks like a cross between Jack the Ripper and a Switch Hitting Vampire. Another excellent performance by Adam. Rankarula loves it and Simon calls it a bit theatrical. True but so what? That’s kinda to be expected with Adam by at this point? Isn’t’ it? I know there are a lot of Adam Haters out there, but come on, that was a great song wasn’t it.

Kris song #1 – “Ain’t no Sunshine”. So yes I guess they do a song that they did earlier in the season. Kris at the piano doing a mellow song but with great, if not strong, vocals. Kris’ wife has been freed from her witness protection program and is back in the audience. All 4 judges liked it. Ok I think our Orange Goddess Paula liked it but I’m not sure what her pre-memorized lines mean. Any doubt now that the two best made it to the final? Simon says Kris won round 1 – trying to bait the voters into voting for Adam.

Adam song #2 – Simon Fuller has picked “Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. Mr. Lambert has changed into a silver suit and is doing a sweet bluesy rendition. At the end he Lambert’s it and rocks the vocal and dances like Janis Joplin trying to hold in a tinkle. All and all a great performance. Randy and Kara love it and Paula goes over the top crazy waving her hand in the air like she is riding mechanical bull. Simon says he’s 100% back in the game.

Kris song #2 – Simon Fuller has picked “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. Kris is sitting with guitar and a couple of Ricky Ricardo bongo and box players. Makes me want to be sitting on the beach watching the sunset, and that’s a good thing for a song. Randy calls it a bit light. Kara basically says Kris could change the world with his songs. Simon calls it to laidback for a setting like this and at this point in the competition Simon may have a point but I liked it anyway.

Adam song #3 – “No Boundaries” co-written by Idol’s own Kara. Lyrics are kinda boring at spots but Adam rocks the sucker out without going nuts. Not sure if it’s the lights but Adam looks a bit orange too, must have been sharing a tanning bed with the Cougar. Randy calls it a bit pitchy at spots and not his favorite Adam performance. Kara obviously liked it. Paula has apparently used up her list of adjectives for the season. Simon basically crowned him winner with his comments.

Kris song #3 – his version of “No Boundries”. He’s doing a pop-light version. I liked Adam’s a lot better. Kris’ is fine but shows that Kara isn’t really writing Shakespeare with her song. Randy on the other hand liked Kris’ version better. Kara calls it a bit high for his voice. Paula of the bronze medal skin. Simon gives him some love too.

Carrie Underwood is singing us out while a video montage of the season plays. Those are quite the red boots she’s sporting. Like a fireman wading into a river to bass fish.

Alright that’s it. No more performances this year. Overall I thought it was a very good show tonight. The performances were top notch and Seafoam and the judges weren’t too annoying tonight. So who is going to win? I have no idea. I think Adam was better tonight (and better overall) but he’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. So who is more popular with America? Well I guess we shall find out tomorrow night. I like both of the singers so i can go either way, kinda like......oh never mind.......see ya tomorrow

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