Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And Millions of Men Lose Their Sight

Not to mention their lunch.

Shirley Jones' Playboy flirtation

Brace yourselves, Partridge Family fans, said the New York Post. Shirley Jones, who played the wholesome mother of the singing sitcom family, might pose nude for Playboy at age 75, if her husband/manager Marty Ingels gets his way. "She's still drop-dead gorgeous," Ingels told Page Six.

Come on! She was ok looking at 40 when she was Mrs. Partridge but no one was clamoring for her to pose nude then and they sure aren't at 75. And the story begs the question - WHY? Is she hard up for money? Publicity? Attention?


TheSeeker said...


momto5minnies said...

ICK ... plain old ICK!

Anonymous said...

The story is fake.

Rob said...

Then I should change the title to “And Millions of Men Sigh with Relief”.

Is it Fake or is she just not doing it? I hear that her husband/manager wants her to. Was it just a publicity stunt by him and there was never any truth behind it?