Monday, October 26, 2009

How to tell which house is ours

When giving directions to our house, we usually just give enough directions to get people in the general vicinity of our neighborhood and tell the people they will know our house when they see it. Once you get to our street, our house will stand out more than my bride at a NOW convention. It has a distinctive look, not to mention smell. Bikes, strollers, car seats, skate boards, footballs, soccer balls etc...our yard has everything but grass.

Most of the people who live around us fall in to 3 categories:

1) Retirees who have lots of free time and are always puttering around the yard and keeping it nice and clean looking. These are the people who in the Fall when t he leaves are starting to fall down are out there picking up the leaves the moment two or more are on the ground.

2) People with 1 or 2 perfect kids. The kind who besides helping their parents do yard work (willingly) spend the rest of their time taking chess and piano lessons, conjugating verbs and memorizing Pi out to 100 decimal places

3) Childless yuppies who hire illegal’s (they pay them a living wage of course) to keep the yard and house looking great so they can do more important things on Saturday mornings… like put on their hand-dyed jeans, vintage t-shirts and expensive running shoes that are never run in and drive their Prius’ to a local coffee house that only serves ‘fair trade’ coffee, then off to the dog park and the organic pet food and designer cheese stores (I like cheese too). They really do have nice yards though.

Needless to say our neighbors don’t always appreciate living next to 12 kids who are home all day long due to homeschooling. Your 5 year-old son exposes himself to your neighbor’s daughter or pees on his wife’s daffodils and you are labeled for life. I mean how were my kids supposed to know that the grandmother who lives next door had a heart condition and was afraid of snakes.

I think my neighbors have finally had enough of us. They spent the weekend trimming and shaping their hedges that border our yard.

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