Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some days working from home is alright

Working from home can be a challenge at times. From things like oatmeal on your laptop, your desk used as a holder for laundry, the 3 year-old yelling that she needs her behind wiped, to having a foxy wife around all the time who makes you want to stop working and make-out, it can be hard to get work accomplished at times.

As I type my bride has abandoned me to have her hair and nails done. Or she might be taking too kids to the pediatrician and running some other errors, I’m not sure.

Anyway while she is out the young boys (ages 2, 7, and 9) are playing outback. The older two are ‘watching’ the 2 year-old for me. I decided to check on them because that is the kind of responsible dad I am, and because I hadn’t seen them in a few hours and it had gotten awfully quiet. They have made some bow and arrows and are wearing various sports equipment and having some kind of mini-war. Shh don’t tell the wife. She worries.

It’s always funny until someone loses an eye or a spleen


MamaMidwife said...'re cracking me up!

Love the "foxy wife that makes you want to stop working and make out"! I'll be sharing that line with my husband.

Now off to read more of your smart-ass rants. :)

Rob said...

hey there MamaMidwife. welcome! we have used midwives for 11 of our kids births. 8 have been home births