Friday, October 9, 2009

I Got Enough Lemons to Open a Lemonade Stand

Here in Maryland we have a lemon law for cars. If the car turns out to be a lemon bring it back for a full refund. We really need the same thing for spouses and kids.

Besides Sam recent c-section and subsequent staph infection Caleb hurt himself a few weeks ago playing soccer. It seemed to be a sprained ankle. He tried to practice again last night and it was still messed up. I took him to the orthopedic Dr this morning and they x-rayed it...broken tibula. He is now in cast for a month.

Sam has Barbara at the podiatrist this afternoon having surgery on an ingrown toenail.

I need a refund


Anonymous said...

Well, heck. When you have a dozen, odds are that there are going to be a bad one or two :)

Anonymous said...

Man, you are so spoiled! If I let you borrow my family for a day you would realize how easy you have it, these people here are not breaking themselves down physically they are physically breaking down their environment. Just goes to prove you just cannot have it all all the time at the same time!