Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just How Hard is it to Pee?

What is it with you women and peeing? Everything has to be just perfect for you to go. Can’t go outside, can’t go in a porta-potty, and can’t go unless the bathroom is clean. Can’t go unless the seat is warm and scented candles are lit etc…Can’t go on demand but then when you finally have to go, get out of the way or you will be getting wetter than going over Niagara Falls.

Guys on the other hand can go anywhere anytime under and conditions. We could go on the 50-yard line of a football field during the Super Bowl. I’m pretty sure during the storming of Normandy Beach, while the bullets and bombs were flying all over the place and guys were being blown to bits, there were guys standing there on the beach going pee against the side of a blown-up tank. Even if we have gone recently we can go again. Basically we can go on demand.

What brought this up, other than the fact that I like to talk about peeing, is my bride having to give numerous urine samples over the past 2 weeks and her inability at times to go even after drinking copious amounts of fluids. She either can’t go when at the lab or she has to go so badly at home that she can’t wait until she gets to the lab. It’s all or nothing with her. Hoover Dam vs. the Mississippi river.

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Anonymous said...

Look dude, the moon is almost full so watch it or some sneakly stealth ninja mom might slip in and give you a version of the c-section that will acquaint you with pee problems, alright already?! Or if you aren't careful you will call down divine retribution on yourself via prostate or something.
(written by me like a true victim of having to wait to find a rest stop for too many miles after having given appropriate notice to the driver!)