Friday, October 30, 2009

PC running amok this week (just like every other week)

Bob Griese – former Dolphin QB and current commentator for ESPN college football games was suspended for 1 week for speculating that race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya of Columbia was out eating a taco. Holy Salsa Batman! We have become such a sensitive people. Griese should have been fired for being a nitwit. Tacos do not eat Columbian food.

Larry Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs running back was suspended indefinitely. His crime? Apparently he used the F-word on twitter and again when a reporter asked him a question. No not THAT F-word, I’ sure that F-word would have been just fine. He used what is called a ‘gay slur’. Basically he called his coach a f@g. This set the homo-rights group into a big old prissy hissy fit. Are these people serious? Have they ever been involved in sports (stupid question)? You can’t go 2 minutes in a guy’s locker room without someone calling someone a f@g, queer, pansy a host of other indelicate names. It's not gonna stop and you can't change it people.

He wasn’t suspended, which he should have been, for being disrespectful to his coach. It was his choice of insults that did him in. He could have used the other F-word accompanied with mother in referring to his coach and nothing probably would have happened to him.

Heck for all I know he could have been using the word f@g in the British meaning, maybe his coach is a smoker.

The Chiefs actually did him a favor by suspended him since they suck so bad.

Sure calling someone a f@g isn’t nice. But neither is calling them a butthead, weenie or dweeb either. I'm not suggesting we call anyone any of these names but quite taking yourselves so serious people.

Of course if you are on the correct side of the media (aka you are a flaming liberal) you don’t get in a lot of trouble. You just have to offer a semi-sincere apology. Witness Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson called Linda Robertson, an aide to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a "K Street whore." Did Grayson get suspended or censured? Um, no. I would argue that calling a woman who you barely know a whore is a whole lot worse than a football player calling his coach a f@g. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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