Friday, October 11, 2013


Try and DIY before calling in the pros. Got a broken appliance, car? Plumping problem? Have a go at it yourself before paying someone to fix it. Do a search on Google for how to fix it. I've found lots or articles and videos that show you have to to basic repairs.

Last week we bought a new dishwasher, no not a second wife, and I looked up a how to install video on YouTube. 1 hour later the dishwasher was installed and actually working and not leaking,

I've also found videos that helped me put in a new garbage disposal and do various car repairs.

Just  be careful and don't totally screw it up.

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Maurisa said...

Not only will you save money doing it yourself, you might get it done quicker than if you called the repair man. (says the woman who has gone an entire month without an oven because October 15 is the earliest the repairman can make it out to our house).