Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tip of the Day

Buy a pair of hair clippers and cut your own hair and the hair of your boys. Ladies/girls are exempt from this tip. Unless you want to do the bald chick thing.

We have 8 sons. Clippers have saved us a small fortune over the years. Eventually the boys get older and start making some $$$ and decide to pay for haircuts themselves, but as long as we are footing the bill they get the momma mauling them.

I buzz my own hair off about every month or so. A set of clippers are around $20-$30 and seem to last forever. Even if they don't last forever, they pay for themselves after a few haircuts. Go checkout Amazon or head over to Walmart (at your own risk).

Trust me nothing can go wrong.

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Sophie Miriam said...

We cut all our hair at home. Straight bobs are super easy, and for those that want things more complicated, the magic of youtube has enabled us to do some pretty cool things.