Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Two Months to Christmas

Have you finished your shopping yet? Have you even started?

Plan gift-giving well in advance. That will give you time to decide on the most thoughtful gifts, which usually are not the most expensive ones. And if these gifts are products that must be purchased, you will have the opportunity to look for sales.

Take time through out the year to buy a little at a time and put it away. My bride has dozen's of gifts hidden away that she uses for birthdays and Christmas.

Consider giving your kids just 3 gifts this year. If 3 were good enough for baby Jesus than they should be good enough for the rest of us.

We used to do the 3 gift rule, then someone I'm related to by marriage decided we were Rockefeller's. So the kids actually get more than 3 now, why? Beats me. Supposedly we are going back to the 3 gifts per person rule for this year, we shall see.

Got a big old family? Pick names and just give one gift. Or do one of those silly gag present exchanges than my in-laws seem to think is so much fun but is really annoying and tired. 

Buying for someone that has "everything"? Give a gift to a charity in their name.  Or a subscription to the Jelly of the Month club.

Need something for your bride? Don't want to spend a lot? Write her a letter, give her coupons for: walks, dessert dates, back rubs creative.

Bake for people. Especially for guys. Need gifts for mail man, trash men, teachers, delivery guys? Fire up the oven and get baking.

Beware saying yes to every event, cookie exchange, caroling session, party, play etc...try and chill a bit and enjoy.

Don't forget to shop the after-Christmas sales, but use self control. Great deals can be found on wrapping paper, gifts and lights. You really think you lights will be working next year after sitting in the basement for 12 months?

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Katie said...

I have gotten ROLLS of wrapping paper at a thrift store for a $1 for all! And, I save every single gift bag too.

We have a gift closet and get gifts here and there when we see things on sale or at the thrift store.

We also put away money every month for gift giving.

I really do not like all the gifts at Christmas. I would LOVE to try going gift-less or maybe just one gift per person, but my family may revolt (well, the kids, not Pete. He would love the idea).