Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Web Roundup

From Bargaineering:

Struggling financially? The stress might hurt your decision-making

"One of the tenets of the “American Way” is that anyone can “make it,” no matter how dire their circumstances. While this is a comforting thought, the reality might not play out quite so nicely. According to research from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, there are indications that financial stress can reduce the ability to make good long-term decisions."

From Daily Finance:

5 Counterintuitive Financial Tips That Work

"Russell Holcombe, a certified financial planner based in Atlanta, says he's tired of constantly warning clients against making bad money choices. Part of the problem, he says, is that popular financial advice is often wrong. That's why he finds himself urging people to rethink purchasing houses that would max out their budgets, or putting so much money into retirement accounts that they're unprepared for emergencies."

From Wise Bread:

40 Ways to Use Spray Paint for Cheap and Easy Decorating

"What's super cheap, highly versatile, available in every color, and something that anyone can use to make beautiful decor? The answer is spray paint, of course.
Whether you are looking to restore a great flea market find, simply touch up an existing item, or go for a dramatic change of color, spray paint gets the job done. While you can spray-paint just about anything, here's a host of suggestions, sorted by color, to help you start putting this awesome and affordable DIY tool to work for you."

From Wise Bread: 

Boost Your Retirement Savings Fast With This 6-Step Plan

"What do you do when you're in your last decade of your working life, but you don't have enough money saved for retirement? Sausalito, CA financial planner Bob Goldman shared his top tips for maximizing savings during the home stretch. (See also: Essential Truths for a Successful Retirement)
Goldman created this step-by-step list for Carol Dorsett, who relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after being laid off as photo editor at a Midwestern newspaper. Carol moved in with her sister and began training in computer skills and started job hunting."

From Money Talk News:

You’re Probably Trusting Your Teen Driver Too Much 

"No friends in the car? Home by 9? No texting? Really?" A recent survey conducted by State Farm finds a huge disconnect between what parents think their teen is doing on the road and the behaviors that the teens themselves report. The survey focused on the key provisions of graduated driver licensing laws that introduce driving privileges in stages with the goal of keeping inexperienced teen drivers out of dangerous situations."

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