Monday, October 7, 2013

Rethink Your Eating-Out Attitude.

Rethink your eating-out attitude.

Food! I love eating! And I love eating out, though we do it rarely. It is awesome not having to cook and having someone to wait on you and clean up after you. It's like being a king and having your own personal servants.

But I have to have a plan when I head out. Pack food and drink and bring it with you when you head out into the world. Otherwise you will end up starving and settling for eating at any old place and paying $20 for some greasy fried food and sugar water. I hate paying more for crappy food that I can prepare better and cheaper at home.

I prefer to make eating out something special I do with my wife, and on occasion with some good friends or family. Plan it out ahead of time and be careful of spur of the moment eating out decisions. Make the good money you are spending worth it. Don't settle for second rate food and service. Your wallet and waistline will be grateful.

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Patrick said...

Love the picture of Breezewood. The mecca of crappy food.