Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7 Is So Lame

(disclaimer - this post is in jest. If you have 0-7 kids I'm kidding ok? Don't get your panties in a bunch)

Only 7 of the kids were around this past weekend. 2 are away at college and 2 of the others were at various retreats over the weekend.

The house was quiet like a tomb or a morgue or a McCain victory party. It was so darn quiet, creepy quiet at times. I was waiting for someone to jump out of the closet with a hockey mask on and an axe in hand. Wait, bad example. That's a daily occurrence at our house.

Sam and I kept looking at each other wondering what to do with 'only' 7 around to take care of, feed, take to various activities etc......We cooked to much at meals, only used around 20 gallons of gas this weekend, didn't have enough bodies at chore time...heck I had to rake the leaves myself - who am I kidding, I didn't rake the leaves. The kids can do that this week. I mean what's the point of having them if I can't get work out them.

The biggest problem is when one of the kid’s playmates is gone and they get bored and are looking for attention. What you want daddy to play with you?! Daddy is busy watching this important North-Central Idaho vs. Southern Topeka Poly Tech football game. And after that PBS is having a documentary on the evolution of Victorian Dress and its influence on the Romantic period of English literature.

It was weird. Sam could actually go to the bathroom without being bothered. But she was in the bathroom a lot longer though. She probably forgot how to go without an audience.

For a good part of Saturday 4 of the other kids were out of the house doing other things. So we were down to 3 kids for awhile. Heck we can do that with one hand tied behind our backs. Which is a good thing since the boys will tie you up and try and burn you at the stake in a second if you aren’t paying attention.

Now, if it had been all the older kids that were away and we had the 7 youngest at home that would be a different story. That would mean Sam and I (really Sam) would have to buckle the kids into car seats, wipe little kids butts, clean up oatmeal that was used as finger-paint on the walls……

My kids noticed it too (well the non-blondes do). They kept asking where everyone was. And saying it was quiet and boring around the house.

To make up for it we had neighbors over for dinner Saturday night who have 5 young kids....that helped some but we still had lots of leftovers and it just wasn’t the same.

And just to show you what type of people we are, when we only have 7 kids at home we like to call up friends of ours who have 7 kids and tell them how easy they have it and how lame they are and that they better get to work on number 8.


Mau said...

Several weeks ago we took our measly six kids to an Opus Dei Mass at the Shrine. We were a small family at that Mass. About 5 minutes before it began a family with 8 boys and 3 girls squeezed into the pew in front of us. Chris turned to me and whispered "I'm embarrassed."--he should be ;-)

So if 7 is lame, 6 is downright pathetic.

sam said...

I love those Opus Dei people...Rob says stop reading his blog and start working on #7!!! Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+

The Krazy Girl said...


It sounds like you better get to work on number 12. Seriously, you only 11 kids? It's like your not even trying. Haha...might as well make it a dozen:)

Even though I only have three. I understand what you mean. As a new parent I couldn't imagine having more b/c I was so overwhelmed. Now that I have three I think one is super easy:) So I will agree with you seven isn't very much:) Although, I know I couldnt do it. hehe

the Mom said...

Rob, I know I'm almost not worthy to comment here, since I only have the downright pathetic amount of five. I know, it's embarrassing. It really is. Would you mind sending my beloved Computer Guy an email and telling him that we can't stop at 5. Heck, it's not even a perfect number.

I'm thinking you and Sam need to shoot for a two-fer this time. If you added numbers 12 and 13 to the mix it wouldn't be boring again for a while.

I'll make you a deal, I'll pray for your 12 and you pray for my 6.

momto5minnies said...

Next time you are short, I can send some of my girls over to your house ;)

*I know what you mean when there are missing ones. I am constantly counting.

Roger said...

Our friends with three or less, are always amazed at how we are always willing to take their kids in. I always tell them that 3 is nothing and after 4 it is but a blur.

I will let Jenni know your thinking on our measely amount of blessings. :) Maybe I can get some twins, always wanted some twins. I think they would be fun, plus it would take us to eight. :)

Catherine said...

Is there a contest here too ?

Rachel said...

How desperate I am to hang out IRL with you and Sam...maybe someday. I qualify for having at least 8 because Ben is like having quintuplets!

Rachel said...

Oh, and one more thing, I would LOVE a measly 4th kid, but God ain't listenin', darn it!

Rob said...

Mau – y’all should have more kids if for no other reason than that your kids are great kids – we are going out breed the losers

Krazy Girl – doing my darndest for #12. For us having 3 was the hardest. They were pretty close together and we were out numbered. I think 11 is easy than 3 was way back then

The Mom – even though you ‘only’ have 5 you can hang here. Tell Computer Guy to get to ‘work’ on #6. Twins would be great at this point in our lives. We have lots of helpers at home. Deal on the praying.

M25M – send you girls over any time. They seem like sweethearts

Oh Roger with the Great Name – Having other kids over can actually be easier. It keeps my kids out of my hair more. Go for the twins! 2 for the price of 1.

Catherine – if there is a contest I hope the prize is cool

Rachel – Y’all come on up and hangout here anytime you want.