Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pride goes before the fall

Pride goes before the fall.

So this is what it feels like to DNF. I bowed out (that’s a nice word for quitting) at the 34.4 mile aid station. Called Sam and the kids and they came and fetched me and we drove home. Why? I don’t know. Pacing seemed fine, nutrition fine, no injuries, training was decent. But from around mile 16 on my legs felt thrashed. Mile 15 or so is when you get off the Appalachian Trail (think running on a hilly rocky path). I think it did a number on me. By mile 32 I was reduced to a walk, a very slow walk. I was barely able to walk to the aid station. I only had 15.6 more miles to go and still 5 hours left on the 12 hour cutoff but I couldn’t even walk let alone run anymore so I bailed. I’m miserable sore (like everyone else who did the race I’m sure) and have no Finishers medal to show for it. I gave Joey my race shirt. I wanted to throw it away but it is a decent Under Armor shirt so I figured he could wear it around.

Oh how I so wanted to put one of those JFK 50 stickers on my car. Wanted it too bad maybe. I never even considered that I wouldn’t finish (not too bright taking a 50 mile race for granted). I thought maybe I wouldn’t make my goal time (sub 10 hours) but not finishing wasn’t even an option. I’ve never not finished a race. I did my first race in 1978 and no matter how hard they got a kept running somehow and finished the damn things. But that didn’t work today, I faked it as long as I could but I had nothing left. Everything from the lower back down was shot. I don’t think anything is injured, just sore as hell.

Now I will regroup and figure out what is next. I will also try and not put so much of myself into a race and the training that goes with it. It really does become all consuming and drains me mentally and physically. Plus it’s not good for my family. Hopefully I’ll quite feeling sorry for myself soon and stop being a baby.

Thanks to my wonderful wife and family for their support and for the Donk coming out and crewing for me. Love ya all


The Krazy Girl said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you had hoped. But, I'm still very impressed. I don't think I've run 34 miles in my whole life:)

Get some rest and enjoy some time with your family.

Kindas said...

Wow, I think 34 miles is great and very impressive, I hope I can reach the scale of running you are at. I am sorry you did not meet your goal, but I would think you could hold your head up high.

Colleen said...

You know you're still awesome!!

Catherine said...

At least, you know you're able to run that kind of distance! You've done such competition or even training previously.
"Bowing out" makes part of the sport, I guess.

wife said...

You know we all think you rock!!! you are an amazing father and IRON sorry this didn't work out!!! +JMJ+your bride and best friend!!!

momto5minnies said...

Maybe this wasn't the time for you.

I'm sorry that you are so disappointed.

june cleaver said...

Wait... are you saying that you are human? Well thank God-I was beginning to wonder.

I would be impressed if you only did 33 miles -- 34 is amazing! :)

Rachel said...

I was starting to get the feeling you might be one of the Cullens. Good to know you are actually a human.

the Mom said...

I'm sorry you didn't finish. I hate to be the one to say it, but they will have the race again next year. Won't they?

Nicole said...

Got quite a list of fanmails here!
I'd say all the training was the race! Your time, hard work and sweat you logged in..come on! Go have a beer and put your feet up! The best part of it all was you were not injured! And to think of how good shape you must be in! Buy yourself a sexy pair of boxers for Christmas..wife will appreciate it;)