Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Did you go with a traditional turkey? Or maybe something more exotic like a Turducken.

We went the turkey route. But here are some pictures of a Turducken we had at a party a few years ago. It was yummy.


Catherine said...

Watching this with the time difference (9h15 am)! Beurk! That's for Yuk in France. I must remember not to watch American blogs before 11h38 am ; )
At this particular time, it would have been Miam! (Yum!).
I love Turckey specially when it is brown, juicy, and ....with no head.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your gorgeous family.

Catherine said...

I meant Turkey, of course.

Mau said...

Wha!? That is so very wrong! Who ever came up with the idea for Turducken?