Monday, November 17, 2008

A Weekend in the Life

Haven't done one of these in awhile.
Here was our life this past weekend starting Friday.


5-6am Sam at Holy Hour

6-6:30 Sam at grocery store

6:15am 4 littlest guys wake up

6:30-7am Sam at daily Mass

8-11am Homeschool

9-9:30am Sam back to grocery store

11-11:30am Lunch

12-1pm Holy Hour for Vocations

8am-4pm Dad at work

3:30-5pm Joey to a leadership training workshop

3:30-5pm K4J (Catholic Kids Club) at our house. Sometimes it is at the park down the street when the weather is nice. 15 boys. Girls club meets at a neighbors house, 2 of our girls go to that

5-7pm Dominic's birthday party. 7 boys invited.

6pm Caleb and Elizabeth leave for weekend retreat - home Sunday in time for lunch

6-8pm Barbara at Girl's club meeting

7pm-next morning Joey at slumber Birthday Party

Saturday - aka Dominic's birthday

7am dad grocery shopping

9-10:15am CCD for 3 of the kids

10:30-1pm Barbara at oratory

11:30-2pm Joey at year-end soccer party

noon-3pm Dominic lunch and birthday shopping with his aunt

3pm Alex home from college for weekend

5-9pm Barbara at year-end soccer party

5-8pm relatives over for Dominic's birthday dinner

Sunday - aka my birthday

7-8am Dad goes running

10am Mass

11:30am Caleb and Lizzie home from retreat in time for lunch

11:30am-1pm Lunch with Dad and Step mom at the Chinese buffet for my birthday

3-6pm Sam at church for and Internet Safety Forum

3-5pm Barbara had friends over

3-7:30pm Donk and Family over for dinner

7-8pm Friends over for cake and ice cream

8pm Alex heads back to college

8:30-11pm Redskins vs Cowboys game


the donk said...

thanks for having us over bro... good times... would have loved to stay longer but i had to rush home to watch like redskins suck arse... :(

the Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you got lots and lots of running shoes, and that they are all Asics, and that they all fit.

Colleen said...

My husband (who grew up near Frederick, MD) actually got to watch the Redskins game last night (not usually televised where we live) and they had to go and lose. The nerve...on your birthday and all.

Catherine said...

Your weekend sounds very busy! Tired just reading it.
Maybe if I wrote myself all that is done in One weekend, it would look the same. At least, I'm sure of one thing, supplying take as much time in our family than in yours. (I don't speak about expenses, just time)

Rob said...

Colleen - I'm heading up to the Fredrick area (Boonsboro) this Friday for a big race on saturday