Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Live Longer

How different lifestyle changes can add years to your life

1.8 years

Be a winner

2 years

Eat chocolate

2.5 years

Have lots of sex

3 years

Be religious – and have friends

3.6 years

Eat less meat

3.7 years

Keep active

4 years

Drink wine

4.1 years

Have low blood pressure and cholesterol

5 years

Be educated and play golf

6.6 years

Eat well

7 years

Lose weight

7.5 years

Stay positive

8 to 10 years

Don't smoke

10 years (men)

Get married

10-plus years

Be happy

14 years

Change your lifestyle - Researchers found that those who exercised regularly, ate five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, didn't smoke, and had a moderate alcohol consumption lived an average of 14 years longer than those who adopted none of these behaviours.

20 years

Be wealthy and live in the right neighbourhood

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Doesn't being religious give you Eternity ? It's what it is said in the engagement : )
It depends on one's commitment,
I K-N-O-W !