Friday, November 14, 2008


Another installment of occasional updates on how we are doing out there

  • DHL is laying off 9,500 US employees

  • Democrats in the U.S. House have been conducting hearings on proposals to confiscate workers’ personal retirement accounts (including 401(k)s and IRAs) and convert them to accounts managed by the Social Security Admin

  • 8 million houses with negative equity in the United States

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announce they are adpoting the country of Nigeria

  • Associated Press says that there are 10 million people out of work – the most in 25 years

  • Fannie Mae Posts Record $29B Loss in Third Quarter

  • "I fell asleep crying and smiling at the same time. I woke up with mascara running and a smile on my face!" — BeyoncĂ©, gushing with pride the day after Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black president of the United States.

As usual one of these is false

answer - this was a tricky one. 2 are wrong. The Brangelina one and Obama became the first half-black man elected prez


Catherine said...

Ask B and A to adopt you and your family, I've seen in a newspaper the villa they rent when they come in South of France! It looks like repercussions of crisis are not the same for everybody. Isn't it a Sarcastic attitude to write that? I don't know if it's the same in US, but, curiously, it's often that kind of 'caritative' person who gives you advices on the way to act with goodness giving money for this or that charity.

Mau said...

Chris advises to withdraw your IRA/401k and take the penalty. I asked him what we should then do with the money. He answered, hide it under the mattress. Fun times!

Rob said...

Lady Catherine - yes it's the same in the US. Actors and Rock Stars love to tell regular people how to use their money

Mau - cash out and stockpile: gold, guns, canned food etc....

the Mom said...

My beloved Computer Guy says what's the use of gold when there;s nothing to buy? Stockpile tools and seeds and be self-sufficient! As a result, we are hoarding hammers. If people need to rebuild we'll be rich, if not we can open a hammer store. What are you stockpiling? Maybe we can trade.

Rob said...

The Mom - you have to ask what I'm stockpiling? Running shoes of course ;) What size are you? I'll get some for you too.